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Vital Ground is taking action to reverse loss of habitat and declining grizzly bear numbers through The Right Place Campaign. Please help us protect wild places!

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Studying Grizzlies in the Cabinet-Yaak: Low Tech Meets High Tech

June 29, 2016  |  by Adrienne Ingram

By Kate Kendall, United States Geological Survey Research Biologist Emeritus On a snowy night in early 2011, I braved a slushy Highway 2 […]


Put a Bear on Your Car, Help Keep Grizzlies Alive

June 20, 2016  |  by Adrienne Ingram

By Todd Wilkinson In the vast Greater Yellowstone region, there’s growing recognition of what some call “the grizzly economy.” It’s not a […]


Grizzly Bears, A Keystone Species?

June 20, 2016  |  by kevin

Where a Grizzly Can Walk, the Earth is Healthy and Whole   By Lisa Densmore Ballard Within the alpine and subalpine woodlands […]

Help Vital Ground secure key parcels in the right places, and make a huge impact on the places important to grizzlies, other wildlife and people.