When bears start getting into trouble in human-inhabited areas, it’s usually because they’ve become food conditioned. Which simply means they discover garbage, […]

‘Bears in the Modern World’ – Curious Creatures

October 24, 2014  |  by Michael Hanan

When biologists put cameras out in the wild for survey purposes or documentation, we usually see the more spectacular videos they capture. […]

‘Bears in the Modern World’ – Bears Need Space

September 26, 2014  |  by kevin

As much as we would like to adhere to the romantic notion that grizzly bears are in the wild roaming free, that’s […]

‘Bears in the Modern World’ – Electric Deer

September 12, 2014  |  by kevin

Sometimes bears try to steal deer and elk hung up at camps after hunters fill their tags. This can create a food-conditioned […]

‘Bears in the Modern World’ – Trapped!

August 29, 2014  |  by kevin

Continuing last week’s explanation of northwestern Montana’s grizzly bear augmentation program – here is another video of those augmentation bears. Females are […]

When wildlife populations fall below sustainable levels, scientists try to augment populations by moving animals from healthy populations. The state of Montana […]

Smell is the grizzly’s greatest sense Many people view grizzly bears as slow animals given their size and bulk. But as you […]

When bear managers needed to replace a radio-collar on a grizzly bear, they tried to coax-in the bear to an unmanned camera […]

Wild Bear Adventure 2014

August 4, 2014  |  by kevin

Vital Ground offers ecotours to Knight Inlet, British Columbia. Located in the southern edge of the Great Bear Rain Forest, Knight Inlet […]

In this sequence Derek and Heather Reich share a beautiful fall video of bears being bears. Featured is a grizzly bear that […]

Join Vital Ground and friends on our October 2014 Wild Bear Adventure to Knight Inlet, British Columbia, Canada. View bears and marine […]

On Vital Ground’s “For the Grizzly” YouTube channel you can see rare video featuring grizzly bears of all shapes and sizes. We […]

The Strength of Connections

June 18, 2014  |  by kevin

“Vital Ground: The Strength of Connections” details how The Vital Ground Foundation protects habitat crucial for grizzly bear survival in North America. […]

Wildlife Ambassador Bart the Bear 2

May 20, 2014  |  by kevin

Inspired to act on behalf of Bart’s wild relatives, in 1990 Doug and Lynne Seus launched The Vital Ground Foundation. The Seuses […]

In this video American actor Sam Elliott tells how the grizzly bear is an iconic symbol of the American West. For grizzlies […]

Bart the Bear 2 – A True Wildlife Ambassador

March 31, 2014  |  by kevin

Inspired to act on behalf of Bart’s wild relatives, in 1990 Doug and Lynne Seus launched The Vital Ground Foundation. The Seuses […]

Wrestling a Grizzly Bear in My Garden

March 26, 2014  |  by kevin

Bear trainer Doug Seus is a man who thinks nothing of play wrestling a grizzly bear – or posing with his head […]

Photos of Elk Flats Neighbors Project

December 26, 2013  |  by kevin

The Vital Ground Foundation teamed up with six landowners in northwest Montana’s Swan Valley to help conserve more than 300 acres of […]

Film industry animal trainer and Vital Ground founder Doug Seus trains grizzly bear Honey Bump. This special video was shot by Vital […]

Bear Party! Video Shows Super Busy Rub Tree

August 6, 2013  |  by kevin

FROM the Alberta Parks YouTube Channel: “Ever wonder what bears do when we’re not looking? These images were captured with a remote […]

In May 2007, Ed Wolff, DVM, of Condon, Montana, captured this courting grizzly pair on video in Cooney Basin, just upslope from […]

Doug Seus and Little Bart

June 21, 2013  |  by kevin

Vital Ground founder and animal trainer Doug Seus interacts with his grizzly bear Little Bart and discusses bear psychology and behavior.

Doug Seus and Bart the Bear

June 4, 2013  |  by kevin

Enjoy this newly re-discovered video of animal trainer Doug Seus and the original Bart the Bear during an exhibition in the early […]

The Legacy of Bart the Bear

March 9, 2013  |  by kevin

Bart the Bear was born in a zoo in 1977 and adopted by Doug and Lynne Seus and trained to be in […]

Grizzly Cam

February 5, 2013  |  by webadmin

Check out this video of Doug Seus working out with Bart the Bear while wearing a helmet camera!