Connecting Open Space for Wildlife and People
One Landscape
Connecting Open Space for Wildlife and People
Winter Sow with three cubs
Protecting Habitat
Preventing Conflicts
Grizzly conservation benefits more than bears
Grizzly Bear Conservation
For the Benefit of All Things Wild

The Vital Ground Foundation is a land trust that conserves and connects habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife. We also team up with communities to prevent conflicts between bears and people.

Vital Ground Vision

We think boldly. We envision a connected North American grizzly population and a resilient landscape where people and wildlife thrive.


Since 1990, we’ve helped protect and conserve nearly three-quarters of a million acres of land. From Yellowstone into Canada, our strategic focus is on remaining grizzly bear habitat in western North America. Check out the places¬†where we work on behalf of grizzly bear conservation, people, and the entire wild community.

Blackfoot Potholes Blackfoot Potholes
Mountains in the Fall, fog. Mountains in the Fall, fog.
Map of Grizzly Restoration Map of Grizzly Restoration
Wild River photo Wild River photo
Big sky - fields of gold (wheat) Big sky - fields of gold (wheat)
Grizzly Restoration Map Grizzly Restoration Map


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