Artist Joseph S. Venus Donates Artwork

July, 7 2014  |  by kevin Back »

Utah artist Joe Venus, who paints wildlife, western and prehistoric art – donated reproduction rights of his painting No Trespassing, which features Bart the Bear in a mountainous setting. This painting and Vital Ground were both highlighted in a newsletter published by Venus, and more than half of the publication featured a pictorial tribute to Bart the Bear and Doug and Lynne Sues with a call to subscribers to support and donate to Vital Ground.

“I’ve dedicated this newsletter to bears and the art I’ve created over the years with these magnificent creatures as the subject,” Venus wrote. “I invite you to consider becoming part of Vital Ground …”

Since making his first donation of Bart in a wilderness setting, Venus has subsequently donated reproduction rights of eight additional paintings, including his popular April in Alaska giclee of a polar bear family on the Arctic ice. Other donated pieces include a mule deer portrait, a wolf chasing a ptarmigan, an American bison, a giant short-faced bear, and fun paintings of a pioneer with a bear in his cabin and also one of a Native American interacting with a bear cub and another Native American painting, an original, titled Brave Ancestor.

To see Joseph S. Venus’ gallery on Vital Ground’s website, visit Bear Mart.

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