Meet Black Bear River, Vital Ground’s Newest Business Partner

Photo: courtesy of Black Bear River
Black Bear River's apparel combines art and adventure. The California-based business' new partnership with Vital Ground helps conserve the landscapes that inspire us all.

Look Good and Support Wildlife Conservation with “Apparel for the Adventurous”

Black Bear RiverFor many of us in the conservation world, outdoor adventures sparked a passion for protecting open land and wildlife. For Vital Ground’s newest business partner, formative experiences in the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe area now inspire an outdoor-themed apparel company that loves to give back.

Based in California, Black Bear River designs men’s and women’s clothing that combines art and adventure. Ranging from beautiful visuals like the “Galaxy Bear” t-shirt (see top photo) to catchy motivators like the “One More Cast” hoody, their apparel is designed and printed in the U.S. with eco-friendly, water-based inks. And beyond inspiring your next outing, these tees, sweatshirts and caps will now help protect the wild places you love and wildlife call home.

“Black Bear River was born out of my love for the outdoors, a background in graphic design, and an entrepreneurial spirit,” says founder Steve Lauri. “With the realization that more people than ever are discovering the great outdoors, I think conservation becomes all that much more important. We need to do what we can to take care of our beautiful lands and especially protect bears, other wildlife and their habitats. With that in mind, I wanted our company to somehow be a contributor in the effort. After some exploring I found Vital Ground, and it couldn’t be more satisfying to be partnered with an organization and mission that we resonate with wholeheartedly.”

Coexistence hoody
Coming soon: a new coexistence-themed hoody from Vital Ground and Black Bear River!

As part of the new partnership, Vital Ground and Black Bear River are working to produce co-branded, coexistence-themed hoodies and t-shirts in keeping with Vital Ground’s work to support partner programs that help bears and people safely share the landscape.

Beyond any new apparel, however, all of us at Vital Ground are thrilled to have a new teammate in conservation. Black Bear River will financially support Vital Ground’s efforts to conserve habitat for grizzlies and all that share their range while benefitting from promotion to Vital Ground’s conservation-minded audience of more than 80,000 supporters and followers. Black Bear River joins UDAP Bear Spray and Scat Belt as new additions to a growing list of stalwart Vital Ground business partners helping advance the cause of grizzly and biodiversity conservation, including Kodiak Cakes, Montana Coffee Traders, Young Living Essential Oils, and many more.

“Business partners like Black Bear River are key in our efforts to conserve spaces for grizzly bears, moose, bull trout, Canada lynx and many other sensitive species,” says Kevin Rhoades, Vital Ground’s director of communications, marketing and membership. “Partners benefit by identifying with the iconic grizzly bear and the goodwill that flows from protecting and connecting wildlife habitat for animals and people alike.”

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