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Bear wedding cake
Whether your next celebration involves an unbearably cute cake like this one or not, you can make it a truly meaningful day with a special occasion fundraiser for Vital Ground.

Make Your Next Special Occasion a Rally for Wildlife!

Hi, friends—Matt here, the young guy on the Vital Ground team. Even though I don’t feel all that young when my knees ache after a trail run or an ultimate frisbee game, my colleagues in the office get wistful looks when they hear that I’m turning 29 next month.

You know what makes me feel old, though? Looking around the house and seeing how much stuff I own. From faded t-shirts to those graduation cards I can’t seem to recycle—nearly three decades’ worth of accumulation. As I begin the farewell tour to my twenties, the last thing I want is more.

Matt's birthday trail run
Matt (second from left) and friends in the Bitterroot Mountains on Birthday No. 28.

Maybe you have a birthday coming up like me? Or maybe you or a loved one will be celebrating a wedding this summer? Whatever the occasion, and whether you’re giving or receiving the gifts, let me encourage you to try a creative approach this time around. You love wild creatures and wild country—why not make a special occasional truly extraordinary by turning it into a conservation triumph? Why not use a big day to make a big difference?

Weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs and beyond—by directing friends and family to make their next gift a gift to Vital Ground, you’ll be paying it forward for future generations. You’ll help ensure that grizzly bears and other wildlife endure in the wildest corner of the Lower 48.

Rest assured: Your special occasion fundraiser will directly support Vital Ground’s work to protect and restore habitat for grizzlies and other wildlife and prevent bear-related conflicts.

It’s never been easier to rally your friends and family on behalf of conservation. Through Facebook’s fundraiser platform, a Vital Ground member recently raised over $1,000 on her birthday. Or if social media isn’t your thing, you can simply direct your friends and family to donate, where they can mark their donation as a tribute gift in honor of your special occasion.

Wondering what kind of projects your fundraiser will support? Check out our Projects and Partners pages to learn all the details. To name a few, your support is currently fueling vital efforts to stop subdivision development in a crucial Montana wildlife corridor, protect valuable wetlands in remote northern Idaho, and prevent bear-related conflicts through grassroots partnerships across grizzly country.

So, even if you won’t be celebrating the last year of your twenties, if you’re like me and would rather receive satisfaction than stuff on your next special occasion, consider a fundraiser in support of Vital Ground. Your lasting commitment to wildlife and open space will turn your next celebration into a powerful commitment that lasts long after the big day.

Support wildlife conservation now!

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