In addition to protecting habitat, Vital Ground supports programs that prevent conflicts between bears and people. We partner on coexistence efforts in key movement areas where grizzlies and other wildlife need to safely share the landscape with people.

Featured Conflict Prevention Projects

Big Hole Watershed Committee

Range riding and landowner outreach in the Big Hole Valley, where grizzlies are reclaiming historic range.
Panorama of snow-capped Bitterroot Mountains

Bitterroot Bear Aware Collaborative

Bear-aware sanitation, public education and landowner outreach in an emerging grizzly crossroads.

Blackfoot Challenge

One of the West's longest-running collaboratives helping people and wildlife share the landscape.
Grizzly sow and cub in Glacier National Park

Conservation Science Collaborative

Range rider, guardian dogs and research on the Rocky Mountain Front and Blackfeet Nation.
Grizzly on bear-proof garbage container
Photo: Patti Sowka

Corvallis High School

A student-led initiative to increase bear awareness in the Bitterroot Valley.
Teton Range
Photo: Tom Mangelsen

Friends of the Bridger-Teton

Ramping up coexistence efforts south of Yellowstone on the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
Kootenai Valley
Photo: Kali Becher

Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game

Bear-proof trash cans and landowner outreach in northern Idaho's Kootenai corridor.
Grizzly bear in sagebrush

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Removing bear attractants along the Little Blackfoot Valley and Rocky Mountain Front.
Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation

Equipping coexistence specialists in Montana's fast-growing Flathead Region.
Photo of ranchland and houses beneath mountain range

Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative

Removing a major bear attractant in the Madison Valley, a key linkage area outside Yellowstone.
Grizzly family in sage

Shoshone National Forest

Expanding Wyoming's coexistence efforts as grizzlies expand their range in the state.
Photo of Luke Lamar from Swan Valley Bear Resources setting up an electric fence for domestic goats in the Swan Valley

Swan Valley Bear Resources

Keeping bears away from the garbage, gardens and livestock of Montana's scenic Swan Valley.
Electric fencing
Photo: Luke Lamar

Trans-border Grizzly Bear Project

Electric fencing for landowners in the Kootenai Valley of northern Idaho and southern B.C.
Range Rider in Montana valley
Photo: Louise Johns

Western Landowners Alliance

Range rider helping Yellowstone- area bears stay out of trouble in the Gravelly Mountains.
Lance Schelvan photo of Yaak wildflowers at sunset
Photo: Lance Schelvan

Yaak Valley Forest Council

Spreading bear awareness in the Yaak Valley, home to one of the Lower 48's smallest grizzly populations.

Other Conservation Partner Projects

in Grizzly Recovery Ecosystems

Vital Ground protects and restores habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife, connecting the wild strongholds of the Northern Rockies. We group our projects based on the grizzly’s six federally-designated recovery zones, working to link these core areas into one resilient landscape.

Featured Habitat Partner Projects

Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust

Conserving critical salmon and brown bear habitat in Alaska's threatened Bristol Bay Watershed.
Photo of bull moose standing in mountain lake

Luxor Linkage — The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Helping connect habitat in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia, with big benefits south of the border too.

National Wildlife Federation

Retiring conflict-prone grazing leases in Greater Yellowstone—for bears, wolves, livestock and ranchers alike.

Darkwoods Project — The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Canada's largest private-land conservation project, conserving 212 square miles of former timberlands.