Vital Ground protects critical grizzly bear habitat through cooperative conservation partnerships. We focus on strategically located lands where conservation values transcend the property’s boundaries. We partner with willing landowners to protect vital habitat through conservation easements and fee title acquisitions. Vital Ground also participates in select projects on public lands that are designed to reduce conflicts between bears and people, improve habitat quality, protect or enhance resident populations, or increase the land’s carrying capacity for grizzly bears.

Vital Ground's very first habitat acquisition in 1991, the Toy property in Montana, with the Rocky Mountain Front  emerging out of the background.

The Vital Ground Foundation is guided by the best scientific research available.

Vital Ground works wherever there is an opportunity to protect habitat for grizzlies, but we direct particular attention to private lands that serve as connections between grizzly ecosystems, special foraging areas or seasonal bear habitat—lifelines that grizzlies, and everything else in grizzly country, depend on. Much of our attention is devoted to projects in the Rocky Mountain states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, yet we have also made important contributions to habitat projects in Alaska and British Columbia. By directing Vital Ground’s resources toward protecting the crucial links that connect grizzly ecosystems, we hope to help sustain grizzly populations from Yellowstone to Canada and Alaska.

Vital Ground conducts all of its activities in accordance with the Land Trust Alliance’s Standards and Practices, the guiding principles of the land trust community. Our strategy is directed by the best scientific information available concerning grizzly bear biology, habitat requirements and conservation strategies. Vital Ground does not engage in partisan politics. Rather, we seek practical, local solutions that allow people, grizzlies, and other wildlife to coexist.