Year: 2008
Acres: 110
Ecosystem: Cabinet-Yaak
Location: ID – Boundary County, Curley Creek Valley
Project Type: Conservation easements

Summary: In December 2008, Vital Ground closed two conservation easements totaling 110 acres in northern Idaho. The contiguous 80-acre and 30-acre properties are located in Boundary County, near the Idaho/Montana border. Sam and Carolyn Testa donated the conservation easements to Vital Ground in order to protect unique wetlands, timber and wildlife habitat in the Curley Creek Valley.

In addition to providing habitat for grizzlies, the Curley Creek Valley supports myriad other wildlife species, including sensitive species such as gray wolves, Canada lynx and wolverine. The two conservation easements also build on existing conservation lands previously protected through the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Wetlands Reserve Program and conservation easements held by The Nature Conservancy of Idaho.