Year: 2007
Acres: 87
Ecosystem: Purcell Mountains, north of Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem
Location: British Columbia – Cabinet-Purcell Corridor
Project Type: Cash donation

Summary: In late January 2007, Vital Ground provided a partnership grant to the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) for an 87 acre private property along Highway 3 in southern British Columbia. The property has been identified by Y2Y and U.S. Grizzly Bear Recovery Coordinator Chris Servheen as one of the very few places in that region where grizzly bears cross the highway and, possibly, wander into the U.S. portion of the Cabinet-Purcell Corridor and intermix with resident grizzlies. Along with Y2Y and Vital Ground, The Nature Conservancy of Montana provided equal funding for the down payment. The fee-title is held by a The Nature Trust of British Columbia.