Year: 2003
Acres: 24,500
Ecosystem: Greater Yellowstone (GYE)
Location: WY – Caribou-Targhee National Forest
Project Type: Grazing allotment retirement

Summary: Vital Ground provided a grant to the National Wildlife Federation to help retire the Moose Creek grazing allotment. The allotment was located on the western slope of the Grand Tetons, 15 miles west of Jackson, WY, and directly east of Victor, Idaho. Moose Creek is on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and most of land is located within the borders of the Jedediah Smith Wilderness Area. The western slope of the Tetons offers rich habitat for bears, but grizzlies have been largely absent from the area for years. Grizzly bear populations in the Tetons are now expanding from north to south. The retirement of the Moose Creek allotment will eliminate the potential for sheep depredations by grizzlies and substantially expand the amount of “conflict-free” habitat available to bears.