Year: 2008
Acres: 90
Ecosystem: Selkirk
Location: ID – Bismark Meadows wetland area
Project Type: Acquisition

Summary: In June 2008, Vital Ground acquired 90 acres of crucial grizzly bear habitat at northern Idaho’s Bismark Meadows. Located just west of Priest Lake, Bismark Meadows is an 1,100-acre complex of meadows and wetlands that features a dramatic array of rare flora and fauna. It supports several endangered plant species and provides habitat for moose, elk, deer, black bear, wolves, lynx, westslope cutthroat trout, and eagles, as well as grizzlies. This project falls under Vital Ground’s Selkirk Grizzly Bear Habitat Conservation Initiative, which is designed to help bolster the “threatened” grizzly sub-population.