Year: 2003
Acres: 143
Ecosystem: Selkirk
Location: North of Bonner’s Ferry, ID
Project Type: Acquisition

The Thorman property was acquired using a North American Wetland Conservation Act grant. The property was formerly known as the Thorman Farm, which consisted of 756 acres. A portion of the property located east of the West Side Road was transferred to Ducks Unlimited at acquisition, and in cooperation with the Idaho Fish and Game Department, historic wetlands on this low-elevation portion of the property were subsequently restored. Ducks Unlimited transferred its entire ownership to Idaho Fish and Game during 2007, and it is now managed for waterfowl production and public recreation as the Smith Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Vital Ground's Thorman Property in the Selkirk grizzly bear ecosystem.

The Vital Ground Foundation’s Thorman Property is situated west and upslope from Smith Creek, shown here, and uphill from the West Side Road. Photo by Kevin Rhoades.

The ThormanĀ  Property is comprised of that part of the property retained by Vital Ground, which is situated west and upslope from the Smith Creek Wildlife Management area and the West Side Road.

The majority of the property is under dense forest cover on sloping terrain. The southeast portion of the property adjacent to the West Side Road is comprised of an open, grassy clearing (approximately 5 acres), which is bounded at its upper-elevation by is a small stream that was historically forced into an irrigation canal, diverting its flow directly into Smith Creek, which is located off the southern end of the Thorman Property.