Vital Ground Responds to COVID-19

Bismark Meadows wetlands
Photo: Linda Lantzy
Bismark Meadows' lush habitat is home to numerous native plants, including six species listed as threatened or endangered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (Photo: Linda Lantzy)

During Trying Times, We Look to the Land in Gratitude

Dear friends of Vital Ground,

Healthy communities and healthy landscapes go hand in hand. Vital Ground supporters are scattered across America, flung even as far as the United Kingdom and Australia. But we are all drawn together by wilderness, wildlife and a vision for the future that hosts wild grizzlies on a landscape scale. From a distance, we stand together against the continued erosion of wildlife strongholds, and we collaborate to increase the public understanding of what grizzlies will require to persist.

COVID-19 may foreclose opportunities for us to connect in person for a while, but don’t let it curtail your connections to the land. Whether or not grizzlies roam near you, find time to get out and appreciate your local trails, parks or other open spaces where you can recharge your passion for the outdoors. I’ve no doubt that Vital Ground supporters will continue to embody – both individually and as vital members of the organization – the same resilience that we work to enable for wildlife.

As the pandemic’s fallout goes on, Vital Ground staff continue to primarily telework, but we remain as dedicated as ever to protecting and connecting our One Landscape for wildlife and people. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone (406-549-8650) or email.

A healthy, protected landscape allows wildlife to adapt to a changing world over the long term. In the short term, it sustains our own physical and emotional resilience. In this trying time, I’m more grateful than ever to live in the Northern Rockies amid plentiful open space and a rich wildlife community. I’m also more grateful than ever to be a part of the Vital Ground team, working with you to protect this precious place.

All the best,

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Ryan Lutey, Executive Director

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