Four-Fifths a Grizzly: Doug Chadwick to Discuss New Book on December 7

Doug Chadwick and book cover
Biologist, author and Vital Ground trustee Douglas Chadwick will discuss his new book "Four-Fifths a Grizzly" via a Zoom webinar on Tuesday, December 7 at 6pm MST. Join us!

Join the Vital Ground Community for an Online Book Talk and Conservation Conversation

UPDATE: Thanks to our 100+ attendees who joined the webinar! A recording of the event is now available via the video below:

Did you know that around 80 percent of your DNA matches that of a grizzly bear? This remarkable statistic serves as the scientific launchpad for Four-Fifths a Grizzly, the newest book from biologist, author and Vital Ground trustee Douglas Chadwick. On Tuesday, December 7, at 6pm MST, Vital Ground is excited to host Doug in an online conversation on the book and how it relates to our vision for habitat conservation.

Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Time: 6pm MST

Four fifths of a grizzly by Doug ChadwickPublished by Patagonia Books and available for purchase right here on Bear Mart (as well as also through your local bookseller), this collection of linked essays carries the full title Four-Fifths a Grizzly: A New Perspective on Nature that Just Might Save Us All. That unique perspective began with Chadwick’s childhood hours behind a gifted microscope and has grown through his career as a writer and conservation biologist. From giant grizzly bears to the invisible microbes living on our own skin, Doug details the interconnectedness of all life forms and how our own species might turn around its destructive ways through a better understanding our inseparability from Nature.

Doug has been a champion of wildlife far beyond the written page, having served Vital Ground as a trustee for much of the organization’s 31-year history. He currently chairs our Lands Committee, playing an integral role in our vision and strategy for conserving crucial habitat that reconnects the Northern Rockies’ wild strongholds for grizzlies and all things wild.

We can’t wait to hear Doug’s reflections on Four-Fifths a Grizzly and his thoughts on the future of conservation. He will speak via a Zoom webinar, with time for a brief question-and-answer session afterward. Please join us!

Learn more about Four-Fifths a Grizzly and order your copy!

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