Become a Conservation Hero on Giving Tuesday!

Two grizzly bears walk in Kenai Alaska with blue mountains in background

As the Holiday Season Begins, Join Vital Ground and Give Back to Wildlife

Been waiting for the right time to protect wildlife habitat? That time is now.

Here at Vital Ground, we’re immeasurably thankful to work in the wildest corner of the Lower 48: the Northern Rockies, home to jagged peaks, shining rivers and iconic wildlife. We’re grateful for generations of conservation heroes who came before us and ensured that from Yellowstone up into Canada, our region remains home to grizzly bears, Canada lynx, elk, bull trout and a host of other irreplaceable native species.

Join us in gratitude on Giving Tuesday and become a conservation hero—a part of protecting our wild landscape for generations to come!

New to Giving Tuesday? No problem. It’s our kind of holiday: Following Black Friday and the first big weekend of holiday shopping, we all pause and think about how we can give back. This year, we hope you’ll give back in the form of a gift to Vital Ground, a tangible contribution to wildlife conservation.

Your donation will go straight to habitat protection in a critical place. In the northwestern corner of Idaho near the Canadian border, we’re saving Bismark Meadows, a critical wetland complex that provides spring habitat for grizzly bear mothers and cubs along with many other creatures. With new houses and buildings popping up weekly in the nearby recreation hotspot of Priest Lake, we recently stepped in to purchase and protect 455 acres of key habitat. But the project isn’t over; the land needs significant rehabilitation work to control the spread of invasive grasses, improve water quality and ensure it continues to provide the sanctuary Selkirk grizzlies and other wildlife depend on. That’s why we’re teaming up with Conserve With Us on our first-ever crowdfunded conservation project. Click the link to learn more and join the team of habitat protectors this Giving Tuesday!

Bismark Meadows
Surrounded by the Selkirk Mountains of northern Idaho, the low-elevation habitat at Bismark Meadows supports six threatened or endangered plant species and provides crucial spring forage for grizzly bears and other wildlife. Vital Ground is currently working to restore maximum habitat value to the 455 acres of this remote sanctuary.



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