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Overhead photo of Wild River property along the Kootenai River
Vital Ground's Wild River Project conserves a key habitat corridor between isolated grizzly populations in the Cabinet-Yaak area. (Photo courtesy of Y2Y/Gem River Productions)


We don’t need to save thousands and thousands of acres — just those acres in exactly the right place

It’s springtime in the Rockies. As grizzly bears emerge from their dens, they begin to search for food, mates, and open space—for the right places to live. These are places with few roads, clean water, and diverse life—national parks, protected wilderness areas and other large wild landscapes.

But isolated sanctuaries can’t save nature on their own. Environments are always changing, and plant and animal communities must be able to move and adapt over time. The only way to maintain healthy wild communities is to protect the natural connections between them.

With your help, Vital Ground is working toward our vision of a protected and connected landscape in the Northern Rockies. We’re building a future in which grizzly bears and all walks of life can thrive. Last year Vital Ground held a series of roundtables with more than 50 regional bear biologists and managers to determine the most important places where private-land conservation will help create this connected landscape.

Now we need your help turning the results of this assessment into conservation action.

Connecting habitat from Yellowstone up into Canada is crucial for grizzly bears—and it protects so much more. It knits together open space for the many plants and animals that need linked mountain ranges and stable watersheds to survive.

Vital Ground’s vision sustains the rural character of working ranches, local agriculture and wild countryside. It protects clean air and water. By protecting the right places, we are honoring the resilience of all living things.

Guided by science, professional biologists show us the right places for grizzly bears—only you can protect them!

One of those places is north Idaho’s Bismark Meadows, a vital forest and wetland habitat for grizzlies, deer, elk, songbirds and other wildlife. This year you can protect 445 vital acres bordering land we have already conserved here.

Vision for grizzly restoration


You can also help us save a wildlife corridor from becoming a subdivision by completing the second phase of the Wild River Project in northwest Montana, a critical juncture for grizzlies moving between Canada, Idaho and Montana. You can also preserve open space for a growing grizzly population along central Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, by protecting key habitat at Glen Willow Ranch.

It could be a big year for wildlife. Please give today—as much as you can—to save the right places for grizzly bears and all things wild.



Kim Davitt
Development Director

P.S. Please consider making your gift ongoing and lasting with a monthly donation.

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