Hey Bear continues helping grizzlies and people stay safe

Hey Bear and Vital Ground staff
Staff from Vital Ground and Hey Bear at a 2022 community outreach event in Big Sky, Mont.

Big Sky partner supports coexistence across the Northern Rockies

With the high country of the Northern Rockies still deep in winter, it will be another month or more before most of the region’s grizzly bears emerge from their dens. While it may not be the time of year when yelling “Hey Bear!” or an equivalent vocal warning is an essential safe hiking practice in grizzly country, Vital Ground’s partners at Hey Bear are still busy spreading bear-awareness and supporting habitat conservation for grizzlies and all things wild.

Most recently, Hey Bear’s contributions to habitat protection helped Vital Ground complete several conservation projects in late 2022 and early 2023.

Hey Bear merchandise
In addition to selling high-quality activewear, Hey Bear has a mission of public bear-aware education and support for habitat conservation.

Based in the heart of grizzly country in Big Sky, Mont., Hey Bear is a social impact brand advocating safe and responsible coexistence between bears and humans while actively giving back to support bears in their natural habitat. Their quality accessories and apparel help support organizations with aligning missions to provide awareness, education and resources for humans to better coexist with bears. By directly supporting habitat conservation through their business partnership with Vital Ground, Hey Bear is helping create a safer, more open landscape for all.

“Hey Bear and Vital Ground’s partnership is a wonderful collaboration,” said Conner Clemens, Hey Bear’s brand manager. “Hey Bear’s mission is to promote bear education and safety, and through the sales of our products we can give back to bear-focused organizations like Vital Ground who are in the field helping protect and restore the grizzly bear population and their habitat.”

In addition to enabling recent conservation successes in Montana’s Clark Fork and Swan valleys, partners like Hey Bear allowed Vital Ground to in turn support 18 local, on-the-ground conflict prevention programs across the Northern Rockies in 2022.

Hey Bear thank you graphicThose prongs of Vital Ground’s mission line up perfectly with Hey Bear’s outreach in the name of coexistence, which includes education for new landowners and homeowners in grizzly country. With both digital resources and an in-person presence at events around Greater Yellowstone, Hey Bear is helping with everything from proper trash storage to safe recreation practices for people and pets. As both visitors and new residents continue to flock to the region, this visible and practical coexistence outreach is essential to a future in which bears and people share the landscape safely.

With a recent story in Views Big Sky highlighting the partnership, Vital Ground and Hey Bear look forward to many more shared wins for wildlife in 2023. As Hey Bear continues to grow its brand, you can sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on what’s coming soon, including a bring announcement coming this spring.

“With our combined efforts we are able to reach a larger audience and grow awareness around the importance of the grizzly bear population within our area,” Clemens said.

To learn more about supporting habitat conservation through a business partnership with Vital Ground, click here…

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