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Bolster your company’s conservation image by partnering with Vital Ground

Vital Ground’s “Business Partners in Conservation” program provides numerous ways for businesses of all sizes and types to support Vital Ground. These include annual business memberships, product-royalty agreements, workplace employee matching gift programs, and donations of in-kind services or cash.  Larger corporations often have established corporate foundations for providing grants to charitable organizations.

Vital Ground’s “Business Partners in Conservation” program provides numerous ways for businesses of all sizes to sell more products and enjoy the “halo effect” of being associated with a respected nonprofit.

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Product Royalty Agreements

Grizzly Blend Coffee
Since 1993, Montana Coffee Traders has teamed up with Vital Ground to help conserve vital wildlife habitat for the grizzly bear and other species. Montana Coffee Trades donates $1 from the sale of each pound of Grizzly Blend directly for the purpose of safeguarding crucial wildlife habitat.

Vital Ground partners benefit from connecting with the only organization whose sole purpose is conserving crucial habitat for the grizzly bear – the most popular, charismatic and iconic wild animal.

In part, because of our association with Bart the Bear of movie fame, we offer an inside track to linking your company’s marketing and evidence of social responsibility to the image of tangible, successful efforts on behalf of the Great Bear.

Vital Ground has a unique niche — we are on the ground making a measurable difference protecting habitat for grizzlies and other wide-ranging wildlife by consummating land transactions with willing landowners. If your company’s image would benefit from values associated with keeping wild land wild forever — or if you care about the work we do, please read on …

A number of our Business Partners for Conservation programs involve a contractual relationship where the use of Vital Ground’s name and images are a factor in the selling of a product and, as a part of a royalty agreement, each sale results in a portion of the revenue going to Vital Ground. In other cases, we might grant approval to use our name or images in a defined way in return for a contribution to Vital Ground in the form of goods, services or expertise.

In all cases, it is critical that businesses and products are aligned with the image and mission of Vital Ground. We are proud that so many successful businesses recognize that sound environmental stewardship and good business are a powerful combination.

Corporate Foundation Grants

Ten Spoon's Prairie Thunder wine
Ten Spoon Vineyard + Winery produced Prairie Thunder wine, which honors the Great Bear. One example of a product-royalty agreement, $1 of every sale of Prairie Thunder goes to Vital Ground which goes for the protection of grizzly bear habitat in the Northern Rockies.

Many corporations have established foundations to deliver philanthropic support for specific causes. Because Vital Ground’s wildlife habitat conservation programs include the purchase of land and conservation easements from willing sellers, such transactions can be expensive. Corporate foundation grants tend to be of a size that can make a dramatic impact on Vital Ground’s conservation projects. We have consistently delivered on the most detailed grant submission and reporting requirements. We aggressively broadcast our gratitude for support and offer communities a favorable profile of the civic and conservation-minded corporate citizens with whom we partner.

Annual Business Memberships

For an annual gift of $1,000 or more, our Business Members for Conservation enjoy subscriptions to our publications, links on websites, acknowledgement in our reports and publications, and options to have Vital Ground reports and publications distributed to your most valued customers.


Vital Ground has a geographically diverse donor base. With supporters in all 50 states and many foreign countries, special event fundraising must be undertaken strategically. Those events are made much more effective when we can count on sponsorships to underwrite the cost. These functions are consistently brought off with class and polish and recognize our sponsors as caring and engaged members of the community.

Workplace Giving

Employer matching gift programs can double or even triple your gift to Vital Ground. Your company may also match gifts made by retirees or spouses. Call your human resources office to see if your company has a matching gift program, and learn how you can initiate the process of securing a match.


Unrestricted corporate gifts are very important to Vital Ground because they maximize our flexibility for meeting the most pressing conservation and operational needs.

The links on the right of this page provide more information about each of these programs.  If you would like to learn more about participating in Vital Ground’s “Business Partners in Conservation” program, contact or phone 406-549-8650.

Download a Business Partners in Conservation Brochure

See a List of 2018 Business Partners