Purchase a Montana License Plate

Vital Ground specialty license plates featuring the artwork of Monte Dolack are available for vehicles registered in Montana. To get Vital Ground plates for your Montana-registered vehicle, take your old plates and a copy of your vehicle’s registration to your local County Treasurer’s office.

The first-time cost of the plates is $35. This price includes a $15 registration fee plus a $20 donation to Vital Ground. Yearly renewal fee is only $20, all of which Vital Ground Montana license platewill go to Vital Ground!

You don’t have to wait until your current plates expire to pick up the new Vital Ground plates, so get out there today and support our efforts to protect and enhance habitat crucial to grizzly and other wildlife!

Go to your county treasurer’s office or check out Montana’s Motor Vehicle Division.

Collector plates are also available for Vital Ground supporters that live outside of Montana. Just visit the Collectors Corner of Bear Mart.


A Word from the Artist

The grizzly bear on the plate is a detail from a painting I completed several years ago  to celebrate the Great Bear and its connection to the land. It portrays a big, beautiful grizzly striding over the land that is so vital for its existence and serves as an important symbol of a healthy and wild ecosystem.Monte Dolack

My paintings are inspired by the natural world and by a keen interest in travel, art and nature. I paint situations that explore encounters with nature, personalizing the images by inventing my own scenarios and symbols to represent cultural, spiritual and social influences. Color, composition and drama are important consideration in my paintings. I work mostly in acrylics, carefully building the images with layer upon layer of thin luminous paint glazes. Over the years I have done commissions for many environmental organizations in the Northern Rockies. You may view my work at www.dolack.com or at our gallery in Missoula, Montana.

— Monte Dolack


Vital Ground is extremely grateful to Monte for donating the use of this fantastic and iconic image! A poster of his “Great Bear” painting can be purchased on the Monte Dolack website.