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Vital Ground has $20,000 remaining to finish the Wild River Project and get ready to begin fisheries and wildlife habitat restoration. You can help us purchase these last three acres by contributing.


The Wild River Project covers more than 125 contiguous acres along the Kootenai River near Troy, Montana. Located near the confluence of the Yaak and Kootenai rivers, the site represents a natural bottleneck for wildlife moving across the valley. The Kootenai River splits the Cabinet and Purcell mountain ranges, each of which is home to a small population of grizzly bears as well as Canada lynx, wolverine and other sensitive species. More info.

Kootenai River and Wild River project site
With December 2020’s land purchase, Vital Ground and the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative have now conserved more than 125 acres in the Wild River corridor along Montana’s Kootenai River. Once slated for dense subdivision development, the project site (bottom left) provides a habitat link between the Cabinet and Purcell mountains.