Sponsor an Acre

Vital Ground needs to raise $35,000 to finish the Tamarack Creek Project and protect 100 acres of critical grizzly bear habitat in a rapidly developing area of northwest Montana

The Tamarack Creek Project
will protect priority grizzly bear habitat and connect wilderness areas surrounding Glacier National Park with secure habitat in the Salish Range and Cabinet Mountains. The project protects 100 acres of occupied grizzly bear habitat with a conservation easement in one of the fastest growing regions of the country. With its close proximity to the resort town Whitefish, Montana, the Tamarack property is significantly threatened by development. A conservation easement on the property will help support grizzly bear movement among three of the five grizzly bear recovery areas in the region.

Tamarack Creek Project - Vital Ground
Vital Ground hopes to purchase a conservation easement on 100 acres in Tamarack Creek, near Whitefish, Montana. In additional to providing grizzly bear connectivity habitat, the project area also provides linkage habitat for threatened Canada lynx, wolverine, wolves and wide-ranging ungulates such as elk, deer and moose.