Sponsor an Acre

You can contribute directly to one of Vital Ground’s active habitat conservation projects by purchasing protected land acre by acre.


Glen Willow – Vital Ground will protect a 640-acre ranch on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front by purchasing a conservation easement. Learn more about how this project reduces grizzly bear conflicts here.

Glen Willow Ranch
Overhead drone footage shows Glen Willow Ranch set against the backdrop of Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front Range. Photo by Herrera.


Wild River – Vital Ground will purchase 42.6 acres of crucial linkage habitat that will connect two isolated populations of grizzly bears in the Cabinet and Purcell mountains. Learn more about how this project restores habitat connectivity in northwest Montana here.

Overhead photo of Wild River property along the Kootenai River
Purchasing Wild River Estates ensures this wildlife-rich area along northwest Montana’s Kootenai River will never be commercially or residentially developed and will connect relatively unfragmented grizzly habitat in Canada to land in the Cabinet-Yaak Grizzly Bear Recovery Area — a 2,600 square-mile area occupied by less than 50 grizzlies south of Canada.. Photo by Y2/Gem Vision Productions.