Mapping One Landscape for Wildlife and People

The importance of connected landscapes and Vital Ground's habitat conservation work comes to life in a new interactive storymap. (Graphic courtesy of Eric Ian)

New Story-Map Illustrates Vision for Wildlife Connectivity

Created by student intern Jasmin López, Vital Ground’s new story-map illustrates the science and urgency behind the One Landscape Initiative.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a good map worth? When it comes to visualizing landscape-scale conservation, the right map certainly goes a long way.

Vital Ground supporters have already helped conserve crucial habitat connections in the Northern Rockies, advancing our One Landscape Initiative toward the goal of protecting 188,000 key acres on private lands that link the region’s wild strongholds. Now, a new interactive story-map will help illustrate the One Landscape vision, progress made, and challenges ahead.


Created by Vital Ground student intern Jasmin López, the multimedia feature includes video clips from Bob Landis Wildlife Films and Eric Ian’s short film “One Landscape”, as well as project maps and photos, statistics underlying our science-driven conservation strategy, and a new interactive map showing how connecting One Landscape provides climate change resilience for myriad wildlife species.

We hope you find this new feature informative and inspiring—please share it widely, and thanks as always for your support of a connected landscape for wildlife and people!

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