Vital Ground Welcomes New Business Partners!

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Vital Ground business partners help protect habitat in key movement areas for wildlife, supporting the vision of a connected, resilient landscape in the Northern Rockies.

GREENROCK Batteries and Grizzly Broadband Support Wildlife Conservation

Business partners are a key part of Vital Ground’s collaborative push toward a permanently connected landscape for wildlife and people. Whether through a business membership, company grant or royalty agreement, business partner support provides opportunities for companies of all sizes and types to align with habitat protection for grizzly bears and other species while showing company products, services and branding to a conservation-minded audience.

This year, we’re pleased to welcome two new partners at the business member level, GREENROCK Batteries and Grizzly Broadband! Based in the Mountain West region, these businesses invest monthly in Vital Ground’s wildlife habitat conservation work.

GREENROCK Batteries: Environmentally Safe Battery Back-up for Homes and Businesses

GREENROCK Batteriesgreenrock battery is a company that provides green, safe energy storage solutions for individuals and businesses. Their flagship product, The Saltwater Battery, is made from non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive materials, without rare-earth minerals or intensive mining practices. In addition to batteries, the company specializes in complete solar/battery power systems, and boasts the safest, most environmentally friendly storage solutions for your home and business. Learn more at

Grizzly Broadband: A Variety of Technical Solutions Under One Roof

Grizzly Broadband logoSolutions to Internet or technology problems can be difficult to find in rural areas. That’s where Grizzly Broadband comes in. The company offers a one-stop-shop for all of your technology needs in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley and beyond.

Rural areas have limited access to technology solutions. Grizzly Broadband believes everyone should have access to the best technology available, and they understand how frustrating it is not having access to the know-how needed. Whether it’s computer repair, sales, technology fixes, point-to-point wireless, wireless Internet, or high-speed fiber-optic Internet – over 5,000 households and businesses trust Grizzly Broadband to solve their technology problems.

If you reside in western Montana and desire a stress-free experience, contact them at 406-363-2183 or go to and they will assess your needs and provide a solution.

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