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Meet Black Bear River, Vital Ground’s Newest Business Partner

Look Good and Support Wildlife Conservation with “Apparel for the Adventurous” For many of us in the conservation world, outdoor ...

Photo: courtesy of Black Bear River
Tom Mangelsen photo of bison along river in Yellowstone National Park

Partners on the Land: The Cinnabar Foundation

Longtime Conservation Fund a Crucial Teammate in One Landscape Vision Just as it takes a diverse range of species to ...

Photo: Thomas D. Mangelsen

Mapping One Landscape for Wildlife and People

New Story-Map Illustrates Vision for Wildlife Connectivity If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a good ...

Photo of bull moose standing in mountain lake


Moving Forward for Wildlife and People From the coronavirus pandemic to ongoing environmental upheaval, 2020 was a year that challenged ...

Grizzly sow and cubs in wildflower meadow

Kodiak Cakes Furthers Investment in Grizzly Bear Conservation

Vital Ground Business Partner Leads Major Habitat Protection Fundraiser Grizzly bears and pancakes—it sounds like a sticky situation, right? Not ...

Black bear and cherry orchard fence

In the News: Coexistence Partners Hard at Work

Collaborating Against Conflict, and other Conservation Stories As summer progresses, the days grow shorter and bears begin to load up ...

Photo: courtesy of People and Carnivores
Aspen trees and mountains

Vital Ground, Yellowstone to Yukon Conserve Key Habitat in Northwestern Montana Wildlife Corridor

Bull River Land Purchase Sustains Linkage Area for Grizzlies and Other Wildlife NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MISSOULA, Mont. – A ...

Photo: Mitch Doherty
Runner with Scat Belt

Stay Safe and Travel Light with Scat Belt, a New Vital Ground Business Partner

Bear Spray Holster Specialists Help Grizzlies and People Share the Landscape ***UPDATE: To kick off our partnership, Scat Belt is ...

Photo: courtesy of Scat Belt
Grizzly bear mother and cub in Glacier National Park

First Female Grizzly in 40 Years Collared in Washington State

Selkirk Sow Accompanied by Yearling Cubs Grizzly bears have an up-and-down history in the state of Washington. From the Selkirk ...

Photo: Philip DeManczuk
Young Grizzly Crossing Trail

Keeping Up with the Bears: Our 2021 Conservation Partners

Coexistence Work Helps Grizzlies and People Share Landscapes Grizzly bears are not stationary creatures. With a range that historically stretched ...

Bryce Andrews and Rob Chaney headshots

Join Vital Ground, Local Authors for a Night of Bear Talk

Webinar with Grizzly Scribes Bryce Andrews and Robert Chaney Grizzly bears are on the minds of many these days, including ...

Wildlife manager demonstrating bear spray use

Meet Vital Ground’s Newest Partner: UDAP Bear Spray

Montana Manufacturer Helps Grizzlies and People Stay Safe Bear spray: it’s a proven, essential component in allowing grizzly bears and ...

Photo: Danielle Oyler/Wildlife Management Institute

Vital Ground, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust Conserve Key Habitat in Yaak Valley

Fowler Creek Project Maintains Open Space and Connectivity for Grizzlies, Elk, Other Wildlife NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 7, 2021 ...

Photo: Mitch Doherty
Brown bear and cubs

Look Good and Help Protect Habitat on Earth Day!

Support Wildlife with a New Vital Ground Shirt or Hydro Flask! It’s that time of year again, wildlife fans. When ...

Canola field on the Hubbard Farm

Private Land Conservation: The Unexpected Key to 30 by 30

Land Trusts Will Be Key to the Biden Administration’s Big Conservation Goal By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern With the passage ...

Photo: Kevin Rhoades
North Fork Flathead River sunset west of Glacier National Park Montana

Forest Service, Vital Ground Team Up on Land and Water Conservation Outside Glacier National Park

North Fork Flathead Purchase Maintains Public Access, Wildlife Connectivity NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 3, 2021 POLEBRIDGE, Mont. – The ...

Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

New Study Shows Social Media Data Can Help Grizzly Bears

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern When I think of grizzly bear research, social media apps aren’t exactly a prime data ...

Bart the Bear in Kodiak Cakes ad

Bart the Bear II and Kodiak Cakes Team Up as Lumberjacks

New Ad Touts Healthy Breakfast with Help from “Fluffy” Bear Every lumberjack needs a few things for a great day ...

Muddy grizzly

A Grizzly on Vital Ground: Bear 1017’s Story

By Tatum McConnell and Matt Hart Wildlife biology can get messy. As messy as, say, being waist deep in water, ...

Lone grizzly in forest

A Bear of a Year: Our Top Conservation Stories From 2020

From the coronavirus pandemic to ongoing environmental upheaval, 2020 was a year that challenged the persistence of people and wildlife ...

Elk in snow

Give Back to Wildlife This Holiday Season!

Help the Bart the Bear Memorial Campaign Reach a $60,000 Match! The winter solstice has passed, grizzly bears are snug ...

Photo: Lance Schelvan
Kootenai River and Wild River project site

Vital Ground, Yellowstone to Yukon Strengthen Protection of Key Montana Wildlife Corridor

New Land Purchase Bolsters Kootenai Valley Conservation Investments News for Immediate Release December 18, 2020 MISSOULA, Mont. – The Vital ...

Photo: Eric Ian
Grizzly bears on riverbank + Giving Tuesday logo

Protect Vital Habitat for Wildlife on Giving Tuesday

At the end of a long year, help connect the landscape for future generations. Grizzly bears are heading to their ...

Wolverine in forest

How to Save Biodiversity: A Conversation with Dr. Jodi Hilty

Unpacking the Science and Human Dynamics of Landscape Conservation By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern If you’re subscribed to our snail-mail ...

Photo of grizzly bear and aspens in fall color

Lolo Creek Grizzly Sighting a Good Sign for Connectivity

Male Bear the Latest to Return to Historic Range in the Bitterroots Earlier this fall, shortly after Vital Ground celebrated ...

Field and foggy mountains

Vital Ground Welcomes New Business Partners!

GREENROCK Batteries and Grizzly Broadband Support Wildlife Conservation Business partners are a key part of Vital Ground’s collaborative push toward ...

Brown bear and cubs in Katmai NP

Lipids and Long Winters: The Science of Fat Bear Week

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern If you follow the U.S. National Park Service’s official Facebook account, a post from October ...

Photo: Larry Aumiller
The Vital Ground Foundation's One Landscape Initiative - video still

Landscape Vision: New Film Shows Potential for a Connected Northern Rockies

One Landscape Initiative Pairs Wildlife Science, Partnerships NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: MISSOULA, Mont. – From Wyoming to British Columbia, ...

Chief Mountain and Glacier National Park from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Blackfeet Nation and Vital Ground Protect Key Habitat Near Glacier National Park

Kennedy Creek Project Conserves Land and Water for Grizzlies, Bull Trout, Other Wildlife NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: MISSOULA, ...

Doug Seus and Bart the Bear

Help Celebrate 30 Years of Conservation — From Afar!

Thirty years and over 620,000 acres of conservation. We couldn’t have done any of it without supporters like you. So ...

Photo: Keith Highley
Hiker and landscape in Glacier National Park


One Landscape for Wildlife and People Wildlife broke new ground in 2019. Grizzly bears ranged farther into the mountains of ...

Grizzly tracks on a beach

Bear Safety Part 3: Tracking Grizzlies

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern In the northwestern U.S., our mountains, valleys, and waterways teem with life, but any intrepid ...

Photo: Larry Aumiller
Kintla Lake, Glacier National Park

Signed! Great American Outdoors Act a Win for Wildlife and People

New Bill Supports Land and Water Conservation Fund, Helps Build a Resilient Landscape By Matt Hart During a time of ...

Hubbard Farm

Crossing the Kootenai: Idaho Linkage Project Gains Momentum

Conservation Easement Backed by Farm Bill and Resilient Landscapes Initiative By Matt Hart At the top of Idaho’s Panhandle, the ...

Photo: Kevin Rhoades
Bear-proof garbage

Bear Safety Part 2: Bear-Proofing Your Home

By Tatum McConnell and Matt Hart NOTE: This is Part 2 in our Bear Safety blog series. To read Part ...

Photo: Patti Sowka
Recreating outdoors in the Rocky Mountains

Vital Ground Committed to Diversity and Equity in Conservation

A message from the Vital Ground team: Vital Ground knows that we can do much more to make our conservation ...

Hiker in Glacier National Park

Bear Safety Part 1: Out and About in Grizzly Country

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern We’re well into spring in the Northern Rockies, and with trails emerging as the snow ...

Photo: Lance Schelvan
Young grizzly crossing road

Life on the Brink: The Unsettling Numbers About How Grizzly Bears Die

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern There’s a hard truth about grizzly bears in the Lower 48. When adult bears die, ...

Bismark Meadows wetlands

Vital Ground Responds to COVID-19

During Trying Times, We Look to the Land in Gratitude Dear friends of Vital Ground, Healthy communities and healthy landscapes ...

Photo: Linda Lantzy
Yaak River in Broadie Habitat Preserve

Safe in the Valley: Vital Ground, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust Protect Key Grizzly Habitat in Yaak

Broadie Habitat Preserve Keeps Open Key River Corridor NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 30, 2020 MISSOULA, Mont.—Tucked amid the rugged ...

Photo: Mitch Doherty
Kloe and Murray, her stuffed grizzly

Supporter Spotlight: From Stuffed Bears to Saving Habitat

Meet Kloe, a Young Conservationist Making a Big Difference By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern A little while back, Vital Ground ...

Canada lynx in deep snow

Winter Wildlife Pt. 3: The Ecology of Canada Lynx and Snowshoe Hare

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern Canada lynx are among the rarest wildlife species to spot. Perhaps you’ve gotten lucky and ...

Glacier National Park peaks from North Fork Valley

Project Update: Partnering to Protect the Gateway to Glacier

Vital Ground, Forest Service Conserving Key Habitat and Public Access Wildlife don’t know the difference between public and private land. ...

Photo: Mitch Doherty
Beavers on ice

Winter Wildlife Pt. 2: Beavers Under the Ice

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern Beavers can chop down massive trees and build incredible structures, with the world’s largest beaver ...

Photo: Paul Lueders
Elk in spring habitat sunlit forest

Protect Wildlife with a Charitable Donation from Your IRA

By Kim Davitt, Vital Ground Development Director If you are passionate about wildlife conservation and believe in Vital Ground’s work ...

Photo: Lance Schelvan
Beaver in stream

Stewardship Update: Restoring Wetlands—and Beavers—to Bismark Meadows

By Kali Becher, Land Steward On a cold October morning I’m hauling piles of willow limbs while others chip away ...

Winter landscape with aspen trees and mountains

Winter Wildlife Pt. 1: Bugs in the Snow

While Grizzly Bears Slumber, What’s Everyone Else Up To? By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern Hiking up a snowed-out road recently, ...

Photo: Lance Schelvan
Grizzly bear in snow

Hibernation: What’s Going on for Grizzly Bears in Winter?

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern Making your bed can be a pain, and nobody knows that better than the grizzly ...

Grizzly sow and cub in Glacier National Park

A Year of Momentum for Wildlife: Top Stories of 2019

In 2019, wildlife biologists tracked a young grizzly’s historic summer wanderings in the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho. Other bears were ...

Mission range and yellow larch trees from Elk Flats area

Vital Ground and Quinn Family Protect Grizzly Bear Movement with Swan Valley Conservation Easement

Partners Missoula County and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Help Conserve Key Wildlife Corridor News for Immediate Release January 2, ...

Photo: Kevin Rhoades
Wild River corridor along the Kootenai River

Vital Ground and Yellowstone to Yukon Protect Key Habitat Along Kootenai River

New Land Purchase Strengthens Cabinet-Purcell Wildlife Corridor MISSOULA, Mont. – The Vital Ground Foundation and Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative ...

Photo: Y2Y/Gem River Productions
Brown bear with salmon

Grizzly Ecology Pt. 3: Bears, Fish, and Trees

By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern Grizzly bears live within incredible systems of interaction. For our last post of the grizzly ...

North Idaho's Bismark Meadows in Selkirk Mountains

Patagonia Matching December Donations to Vital Ground!

UPDATE: As on December 16, Patagonia has reached its $10 million nationwide maximum for matching gifts. You can still donate ...

Root weevils at Vital Ground's Wild River Project

Bugs Fight Invasive Knapweed at Wild River

By Kali Becher, Land Steward Once Vital Ground purchases a piece of habitat or closes on a conservation easement with ...

Photo: Kali Becher
Coastal brown bear sow and cub

Searching for Salmon

Low Canadian Salmon Runs Cause Concern for Grizzly Population By Tatum McConnell, Communications Intern This story also appears as the ...

Photo: Robert Scriba
Glen Willow Ranch on Montana's Rocky Mountain Front

Vital Ground Renews National Land Trust Accreditation

Certification Recognizes Durable, Accountable Land Stewardship MISSOULA, Mont. — Americans strongly support saving the open spaces they love. Since 1990, ...

Photo: Mitch Doherty
Grizzly Story Map Screen Shot

Vital Ground, Forest Service Team Up on Threatened and Endangered Species Story Map

CLICK HERE TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE STORY MAP What stories light your conservation fire? Is it the tale of ...

Grizzly bear on foggy beach


Connecting One Landscape for Wildlife and People It’s a time of rapid change in the Mountain West. Increasing development and ...

Glacier Lily

Grizzly Ecology Pt. 2: Bears and Dirt

How Grizzly Bear Digging Shapes Mountain Meadows By Tatum McConnell, Vital Ground Communications Intern We climbed up Napa Point, approaching ...

Photo: courtesy of Glacier National Park
Grizzly Bear foraging in deadfall forest in Yellowstone National Park

Grizzly Ecology Pt. 1: Bears and Bugs

The Macro and the Micro: How Grizzly Bears and Insects Interact By Tatum McConnell, Vital Ground Communications Intern We often ...

Photo: Paul Lueders
Grizzly bear mother and cub in Glacier National Park

From Chicago to Montana, An Unlikely Conservation Partnership Bears Fruit

Brookfield Zookeepers Walk on Vital Ground, Continue Support of Wildlife Habitat Conservation A big-city zoo in the Midwest might seem ...

North Fork Flathead River sunset west of Glacier National Park Montana

Keeping it Wild Next to Glacier National Park

Vital Ground Backs Flathead Land Trust on Conservation Win in Montana’s North Fork Valley A grizzly bear doesn’t know the ...

Photo of male pronghorn antelope in sage brush

Bipartisan Coalition Introduces Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act

New Bill Would Protect Habitat Links and Migration Routes on Public and Private Lands If you’ve been losing sleep over ...

Photo: Paul Lueders
Range Rider in Montana valley

Conservation Partners Help Dispersing Grizzlies Stay Safe

New Partnerships Address Crucial Priority Areas for Preventing Bear Conflicts Each spring, there’s a subset of grizzly bears that act ...

Photo: Louise Johns
Mountain landscape; Connecting Open Space for Wildlife and People

The One Landscape Initiative: A New Conservation Vision

Vast open spaces. Free-flowing rivers. A diverse tapestry of plant and animal life. In the Northern Rockies, wild places and ...

Tom Mangelsen photo of bison along river in Yellowstone National Park

UN Extinction Report Shows Importance of Protecting Wildlife Habitat

Connecting a Wild Landscape in the Northern Rockies Mitigates Impacts of Climate Change and Development If you follow news on ...

Photo: Thomas D. Mangelsen
Jim Soft

Seldom-Used Tax Strategy Can Benefit You, Wildlife Habitat, and Vital Ground

By Jim Soft, Planned Giving Specialist We are currently experiencing a sustained, historic low interest rate environment, which presents an ...

Overhead photo of Wild River property along the Kootenai River

Celebrate Earth Day by Saving Wildlife Habitat

Make an Impact This Earth Day; Support Habitat Conservation at Wild River! Across the globe since 1970, April 22 has ...

Alvord Lake Montana autumn photo

Vital Ground and Alvord Lake Stakeholders Plan Community Forest Stewardship

By Kali Becher, Vital Ground Land Steward Forest thinning, prescribed burning, and education were hot conversation topics on March 6, ...

Photo: Ryan Lutey
Glen Willow Ranch Montana

Glen Willow: A Land Legacy Protected!

Vital Ground Partners with USDA and Landowner to Safeguard Montana Agricultural Land and Wildlife Habitat CHOTEAU, Mont. – When Mary ...

Photo: Herrera
Park City, Utah beautiful mountain view at sunset

Vacation in Utah and Protect Wildlife Habitat!

A generous supporter offers a week’s stay at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, to benefit Vital Ground When: March ...

The Bond painting, giant grizzly bear and trainer, Doug Seus and Bart

Artist Georgia Baker Honors Compassion in Painting of Bart the Bear and Doug Seus

Grizzly bears have a way of stirring up our emotions. Whether it’s fear, gratitude, joy or awe–or some combination of ...

Steven Freygang photo of grizzly bear crossing highway

Out of Yellowstone, Onto the Highway

Idaho Weighing Options for Targhee Pass Wildlife Safety On a busy highway west of Yellowstone National Park, what’s the best ...

Photo: Steven Freygang
Glacier National Park mountain with field and forest, Lance Schelvan photo

Vital Ground Applies for Renewal of Land Trust Accreditation

Did you know that Vital Ground is one of 411 land trusts accredited by The Land Trust Accreditation Commission? This ...

Photo: Lance Schelvan
Grizzly on bear-proof garbage container

Sharing the Land: New Study Shows Benefits of Preventing Grizzly Conflicts

Research Led by Vital Ground Advisor Backs Active Mitigation Programs Studying grizzly bears demands patience. For one, the bears, like ...

Photo: Patti Sowka
Grizzly bear and cub on snowy winter ridge

What a Year! Our Top Stories of 2018

From protecting three key habitat areas to a dozen new conflict-prevention partnerships, from the delisting debate to a grizzly sighting ...

I-90 Bridge and Clark Fork River at Ninemile project site Montana

Vital Ground and Yellowstone to Yukon Safeguard Habitat Link Across Clark Fork River and Interstate 90

Land Purchase Protects Movement Between Ninemile and Bitterroot Ranges NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 14, 2018 MISSOULA, Mont.—A key wildlife ...

Photo: Herrera
River with mountains on stormy fall day, Bart the Bear Memorial Campaign

You Can Join Doug and Lynne Seus in Protecting Wildlife!

A Letter from Vital Ground’s Founders on the 19th Annual Bart the Bear Memorial Campaign Dear friends, It’s the time ...

Bismark Meadows in northern Idaho

Vital Ground Teams With The ALSAM Foundation to Protect Key Idaho Grizzly Habitat

New 455-acre Purchase Adds to Conservation Success at Bismark Meadows NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 19, 2018 Grizzly bears and ...

Photo: Linda Lantzy
Wild River corridor along the Kootenai River

Vital Ground and Yellowstone to Yukon Safeguard a Key Montana Wildlife Corridor

Land Purchase Eases Bottleneck for Grizzly Movement in the Kootenai Valley NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 14, 2018 MISSOULA, Mont. ...

Photo: Y2Y/Gem Vision Productions
Forest in fall with river; Vital Ground’s Wild River Projec

Wild River: A Protected Connection

When Grizzly 839 began wandering away from the Cabinet Mountains in northwest Montana, he showed no interest in traveling north. ...

Photo: Mitch Doherty
Fall Grizzly in Yellowstone -- photo by Tom Mangelsen

Grizzly Delisting: What You Should Know

Taking Stock of Grizzly Recovery After 2018’s Delisting Debate During the fall of 2018, grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone ...

Photo: Thomas D. Mangelsen
Stormy clouds over beautiful mountain scene; Vital Ground is an accredited land trust

Vital Ground Applies for Renewal of Accreditation

  The land trust accreditation program recognizes land conservation organizations that meet national quality standards for protecting important natural places ...

Grizzly Blend Coffee

Montana Coffee Traders and Vital Ground Celebrate a 25-year Partnership!

For Each Pound of Grizzly Blend Coffee Sold, a Percentage is Donated to Vital Ground Twenty-five years is a long ...

Thomas D. Mangelsen photo of grizzly sow and cub lying amid sagebrush on a hillside in Yellowstone National Park

In Yellowstone Attack, Bear Spray Saves Lives

Family Rented Spray, Got Training from Vital Ground Promotional Partner By Matt Hart On Thursday, August 23, a parent’s nightmare ...

Photo: Thomas Mangelsen
Brookfield AAZK Members

Grizzlies and Garlic Bread: Thank You, Brookfield AAZK!

Spaghetti Dinner Raises Funds for Grizzly Conservation There are no wild bears in Chicago—unless you’re talking about the football team—but ...

Photo: Courtesy of Brookfield AAZK
Kali Becher

Vital Ground Welcomes Land Steward Kali Becher

Vital Ground’s newest staff member, Kali Becher, is no stranger to grizzly country. Growing up in North Idaho, she came ...

Bismark Meadows wetlands

Stand Up For The Wild: Help Conserve Bismark Meadows

Be a part of Vital Ground’s first crowdfunded conservation project! And save critical grizzly habitat at Bismark Meadows in the ...

Photo: Linda Lantzy
"Nature Wars" by Jim Sterba

‘Nature Wars’ Author to Speak August 7th in Ellsworth, Maine

Author Jim Sterba will speak about the growing conflicts between wildlife and people on August 7th at 7 p.m., at ...

Grizzly cub in culvert trap

With Help From Vital Ground Board Chair, Orphan Grizzlies Find New Home

NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 5, 2018 Contact: Kevin Rhoades, Communications Director The Vital Ground Foundation (406) 549-8650 MISSOULA, Mont. ...

Photo: Klara Varga
Bismark Meadows

Bismark Meadows: Help Save Crucial Spring Grizzly Habitat

New Vital Ground Project Will Protect 455 Acres of Idaho Wetlands As spring turns to summer, grizzly bears in Idaho’s ...

Photo: Linda Lantzy
Bear wedding cake

Celebrate and Conserve

Make Your Next Special Occasion a Rally for Wildlife! Hi, friends—Matt here, the young guy on the Vital Ground team. ...

Trail camera photo of sow grizzly and two cubs at a hair corral study site in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem

Translocation Troubles: New Study Shows Risks of Moving Grizzlies

By Matt Hart Moving grizzly bears is no easy task. It’s far better to let them move themselves. That’s the ...

Photo: Wayne Kasworm/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Overhead photo of Wild River property along the Kootenai River

Help Protect and Connect the Right Places for Wildlife

  We don’t need to save thousands and thousands of acres — just those acres in exactly the right place ...

Young Grizzly Crossing Trail

More Than a Problem Bear

How a Young Grizzly’s Relocation Could Help a Whole Ecosystem By Matt Hart There’s a new griz in the Cabinet-Yaak ...

Photo: Jim Cole
Photo of grizzly bear and aspens in fall color

Keeping Bears Out of Trouble

Expanded Vital Ground Partners Program to Fund 12 Conflict-Prevention Projects in 2018 NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Updated May 4, 2018 ...

Yaak Mountains

Roadless and Wild

How You Helped Save Vital Acres in the Cabinet Mountains By Matt Hart Forty-three acres: it may not seem like ...

Photo: Lance Schelvan
Photo of ranchland and houses beneath mountain range

Montana’s Housing Boom: What Does it Mean For Wildlife?

With a new report detailing residential sprawl, conserving private lands is more vital than ever.  By Matt Hart When you ...

Grizzly bear in sagebrush

Vital Ground, The ALSAM Foundation Team Up to Address Human Conflicts with Grizzly Bears

Five-Year, $250,000 Partnership Will Expand Vital Ground Grant Program Communities throughout the northern Rocky Mountains will find new help in ...

Photo of valley fog and jagged ridges in the North Cascades

Grizzlies Inch Closer to a Comeback in North Cascades

Steep, remote mountainsides. Deep winter snowpack. Lush meadows full of spring and summer wildflowers. The North Cascades of Washington state ...

Vital Ground's new website

New Vital Ground Website Stresses Connecting Landscapes, Protecting Wildlife

Viewer-friendly overhaul includes new videos, featured projects and partnerships MISSOULA, Mont. – Grizzly bears everywhere have a new and beautiful ...

Brookfield American Association of Zoo Keepers

Brookfield AAZK Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Fundraiser for The Vital Ground Foundation on April 12, 2018 Brookfield, Ill., is the home of the Brookfield American Association ...

Larry Aumiller headshot

In Wild Trust: An Evening with Larry Aumiller

On Wednesday, March 7, Larry Aumiller will share stories and photographs from his 30 years managing Alaska’s McNeil River Game ...

Kevin Rhoades photo of the Mission Mountains from Ninepipes Reservoir

New Conservation Partners Extend Vital Ground’s Conflict Prevention Goals

Grizzly bears are on the move. In the last year, we’ve seen more and more evidence of grizzly travel beyond ...

Photo: Kevin Rhoades
Vital Ground Connected Landscapes logo in brown and white

Vital Ground Unveils “Connecting Landscapes” Logo

News for Immediate Release January 26, 2018 MISSOULA, Mont. – As part of a larger rebranding process that will draw ...

Photo of Bart the Bear II waving from the set of his new Kodiak Cakes advertisement

Vital Ground, Kodiak Cakes Team Up for Grizzly Conservation

News for Immediate Release January 19, 2018 MISSOULA, Mont. – Your Saturday morning pancakes can now support grizzly bear conservation, ...

Photo: courtesy of Kodiak Cakes
Photo of autumn snow dusting forested ridges in the Lolo National Forest's Cube Iron-Mt. Silcox Roadless Area

Vital Ground Donates Roadless Inholding to Lolo National Forest

News for Immediate Release MISSOULA, Mont. – To consolidate ownership and streamline management of a valuable roadless area for grizzly ...

Photo: Gael Bissell
Cameron Nace and the Vital Ground crew.

Inspiration from Cameron: ‘Grizzly Bears Need Vital Ground’

After many days in the office, it can be easy to forget why we do what we do here at ...

Photo: Michael Jindrich
Photo of Luke Lamar from Swan Valley Bear Resources setting up an electric fence for domestic goats in the Swan Valley

Swan Valley Bear Resources: Stopping Conflicts Before They Happen

The Swan Valley is where it all began for Vital Ground. Our very first conservation easement happened in this portion ...

Photo: Luke Lamar/Swan Valley Bear Resources
Close-up photo of weevil on tree bark

Vital Ground Fights Noxious Weeds with Bugs

By Mitch Doherty The Alvord Lake Community Forest is a long way from the warm, exotic climate found in the ...

Photo: iStock

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