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Teton Range

Teton Valley Bear Wise

Replacing fears with facts to keep the Teton Valley safe for bears and people.

Bismark Meadows wetlands

Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation

Removing livestock carcasses to prevent conflicts with grizzlies in northern Idaho.

North Fork Preservation Association

Providing bear-aware education and resources to both long-term residents and visitors on the western edge of Glacier National Park.

Pink Bench Distilling

Developing a fruit-gleaning program in the Cabinet-Yaak.

Brendan Moynahan photo of wetlands along the Clearwater River

Clearwater Valley Bear Smart

Engaging the Clearwater Valley community to address the root causes of conflict.

Centennial Valley Association

Reducing conflicts with carnivores at the local level.

Bear Aware Gardiner

Providing electric fences to secure attractants outside Yellowstone.

Bear Smart Alberton

Expanding bear-aware community practices along a key connectivity area for grizzlies.

Troy Farmers’ Market Apple Festival

Celebrating nature’s bounty while promoting respect for the wildlife with which we share it.

Photo of Luke Lamar from Swan Valley Bear Resources setting up an electric fence for domestic goats in the Swan Valley

Swan Valley Bear Resources

Providing resources and promoting coexisting to prevent bear conflicts on the Swan Valley’s private and public lands.

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