Partners Category: Yellowstone Ecosystem

Range Rider in Montana valley

Western Landowners Alliance

Range rider helping Yellowstone- area bears stay out of trouble in the Gravelly Mountains.

Grizzly family in sage

Shoshone National Forest

Expanding Wyoming’s coexistence efforts as grizzlies expand their range in the state.

Photo of ranchland and houses beneath mountain range

Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative

Removing a major bear attractant in the Madison Valley, a key linkage area outside Yellowstone.

Teton Range

Friends of the Bridger-Teton

Ramping up coexistence efforts south of Yellowstone on the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Big Hole Watershed Committee

Range riding and landowner outreach in the Big Hole Valley, where grizzlies are reclaiming historic range.

Grizzly bears by Jim Cole

People and Carnivores

Equipping vacationers in the Madison Valley to avoid run-ins with Yellowstone’s expanding grizzly population.

National Wildlife Federation

Retiring conflict-prone grazing leases in Greater Yellowstone—for wildlife, livestock and ranchers alike.

Photo of bull moose standing in mountain lake

Luxor Linkage — The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Helping connect habitat in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia, with big benefits south of the border too.

Demonstrating bear spray

Southwest Montana Bear Education

Preventing conflicts through education and technology as grizzlies expand west from Greater Yellowstone.

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