Be Bear Aware

Traveling bear safety and coexistence education workshops across grizzly country.

Young grizzly crossing road
Wildlife manager demonstrating bear spray use
Bear-proof garbage


Just like bears, coexistence doesn’t have to be a stationary endeavor, and we’re proud to once again support Be Bear Aware in its traveling outreach work that brings crucial information and resources to residents and visitors throughout grizzly country.

Be Bear Aware has focused on conflict prevention hotspots that overlap with Vital Ground’s One Landscape Initiative. In 2022, community events from northern Idaho to the Bitterroot Valley and Rocky Mountain Front benefited from the continued presence of this traveling educational trailer and outreach team.

Be Bear Aware

  • Traveling bear safety educational trailer that crosses grizzly country each year
  • Important resource at community events and in popular recreation destinations
  • 2021 focus on agricultural communities in central Montana
  • Will bring vital coexistence education to many hundreds of visitors and residents