Bear Aware Gardiner

Providing electric fences to secure attractants outside Yellowstone.

Grizzly boars take turns eating a bison carcass
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IMG_5986 Grizzly boars take turns eating a bison carcass IMG_6642 2

Bear Aware Gardiner PROJECT BRIEF

Just outside the wildlife stronghold of Yellowstone National Park, the town of Gardiner, MT is no stranger to bear activity. As the population of grizzlies in Yellowstone continues to grow and expand, potentially building natural connectivity with other designated recovery zones, preventing conflicts is more important than ever for both people and bears.

Our support of Bear Aware Gardiner has helped them expand their loan program for electric fencing. Providing this resource has allowed local residents and farmers to secure attractants ranging from orchards and vegetable gardens to bees, goats and chickens and successfully deter conflicts in previously problematic areas. Bear Aware Gardiner uses solar power for many of their electric fences and plans to continue providing information and promoting coexistence in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Bear Aware Gardiner at a glance

  • Loaning electric fences to community members
  • Promoting bear aware practices in a wildlife hotspot
  • Securing attractants to help landowners safely coexist with grizzlies
  • Sharing information and best practices