Centennial Valley Association

Reducing conflicts with carnivores at the local level.

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Centennial Valley Association PROJECT BRIEF

Framed by the Gravelly Range to the north and Centennials to the south, the Centennial Valley is a rugged and stunning landscape home to both abundant wildlife and a tight-knit ranching community. Our partnership with the Centennial Valley Association (CVA) supports their range riding and community outreach efforts in this special place, which is located just west of the wildlife stronghold of Yellowstone National Park.

In 2023, CVA’s team of range riders were able to monitor around 50,000 acres of ranchlands, collecting valuable data about cattle losses and wildlife populations around the valley. A wide array of game cameras provided insight into how grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions and other wildlife species use the landscape. The range riders also helped prevent conflicts by preemptively removing livestock carcasses and saw fewer cattle losses than in previous years. While the range rider program primarily supports landowners, CVA also works to increase bear awareness for recreationists and other community members. We are proud to sustain their goal of building trust and support systems for coexistence at the local level so that the Centennial Valley can continue to see its recreation, ranching and wildlife legacies live on.

Centennial Valley Association at a glance

  • Range riders covering approximately 50,000 acres
  • Reducing conflicts with wildlife just west of Yellowstone National Park
  • Increasing local support for ranchers and landowners
  • Monitoring grizzly and other wildlife populations in the Centennial Valley