Clearwater Resource Council

In the scenic Swan Valley, new bear-proof sanitation for the Seeley Lake community.

Swan Range
Grizzly testing bear-proof garbage can
The Elk Flats Neighbors Project protects extensive riparian features.

Clearwater Resource Council PROJECT BRIEF

Montana’s scenic Swan Valley has long served as an important grizzly crossroads, connecting the habitat cores of the Mission and Swan mountain ranges. As a result, Vital Ground has long partnered in the Swan, both with landowners on conservation agreements and coexistence efforts in the community.

In 2021, we’re excited to support the Clearwater Resource Council in an important effort around the community of Seeley Lake. Working with several business that have had bear problems recently, they will install bear-resistant sanitation and electric fencing, helping prevent future food rewards and habituation for the valley’s black bears and grizzlies.

Clearwater Resource Council at a Glance

  • Local stakeholders' group in the southern Swan Valley and Clearwater Watershed
  • Bringing new bear-resistant sanitation equipment to several businesses in Seeley Lake
  • Focusing on locations with history of black bear and grizzly incidents
  • Preventing food rewards stops habituation and keeps bears away from town