Conservation Science Collaborative

Range rider, guardian dogs and research on the Rocky Mountain Front and Blackfeet Nation.

Grizzly sow and cub in Glacier National Park
As grizzly bears range east onto the private lands of central Montana, conservation and conflict-reduction efforts must follow.

Conservation Science Collaborative PROJECT BRIEF

Grizzlies in Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness are expanding east onto historic prairie range, following riverways out of the mountains and onto the ranchlands of central Montana. To keep people, bears and livestock safe, significant coexistence efforts are emerging up and down the Rocky Mountain Front.

The Conservation Science Collaborative is working in a priority area around the Upper Dearborn River and a portion of the Blackfeet Nation, preventing livestock conflicts by employing a range rider and guardian dogs. In 2021, we’re proud to help them start a new research program with tribal college students to study bear-related conflicts on the Blackfeet Nation, gathering information that will help prevent future incidents more efficiently.

Conservation Science Collaborative

  • Stakeholder and student collaborative working in central Montana
  • Facilitating range rider program for Upper Dearborn River and portion of Blackfeet Nation
  • Helping equip ranchers with livestock guardian dogs and other coexistence opportunities
  • Student research component to monitor predator movement along Rocky Mountain Front