Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation

Removing livestock carcasses to prevent conflicts with grizzlies in northern Idaho.

Carcass Trailer
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Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation PROJECT BRIEF

In northern Idaho’s Boundary County, where Vital Ground has long worked on habitat protection projects, we are now supporting conflict prevention work in partnership with the Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation (OCS). In 2023 our support helped them outfit a trailer for carcass pick up and begin their attractant removal program. Getting to a carcass in a timely manner is another challenge on top of the already demanding work of livestock producers, so having support from OCS will help reduce that burden.

Abutting the Selkirk Recovery Zone and its small population of grizzlies, Boundary County is a particularly important location for reducing conflicts. Programs like OCS’s to remove and secure attractants will allow the region to further its rich agricultural traditions while also conserving its wildlife. In 2023, OCS got this pilot program up and running and they hope to continue expanding carcass pick up efforts going forward, eventually working towards a composting process.



Idaho Governor's Office of Species Conservation at a glance

  • Outfitting a trailer for carcass pick up
  • Initiating a program to support livestock producers remove attractants
  • Preventing conflicts in Boundary County
  • Helping keep Selkirk bears safe and wild