Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative

Removing a major bear attractant in the Madison Valley, a key linkage area outside Yellowstone.

Photo of ranchland and houses beneath mountain range
Gravelly and Madison mountain ranges

Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative PROJECT BRIEF

As grizzlies range west from Yellowstone National Park, they don’t have to range far before they hit the ranchlands of the broad Madison Valley. For these bears to move freely across southwestern Montana’s patchwork of public and private lands, for them to have a chance of making it as far west as the Selway-Bitterroot, they can’t get lured into trouble in the Madison.

A pilot program from the NRCC will help by providing a bear-proof and mobile collection operation for livestock carcasses, a major grizzly attractant. After previously partnering on the Madison’s first range rider program, we’re eager to support this new effort to make attractant removal more efficient.

Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative

  • Nonprofit partner focused on innovative conservation solutions benefiting wildlife and people
  • Mobile livestock carcass collection will help remove major bear attractant more efficiently
  • Madison Valley provides key linkage between Greater Yellowstone and other wildlands
  • Coexistence work essential as Madison Valley becomes increasingly popular tourist destination