People and Carnivores

Preventing conflicts across western Montana, from the fast growing Flathead to key corridors outside Yellowstone.

Black bear and cherry orchard fence

Photo by Jim Cole

Gravelly and Madison mountain ranges

Photo by Jeremy Roberts

Black bear and cherry orchard fence P&C-emp-SB-goat--chicken-farm Sow-and-cubs-in-river--Jim-Cole--web Gravelly and Madison mountain ranges p&C

People and Carnivores PROJECT BRIEF

Multiple regions in Montana are experiencing rapid development. West of Glacier National Park, Montana’s Flathead Valley is one of the nation’s fastest-growing regions. As new houses and roads sprout forth, remaining habitat needs protection while residents and visitors both new and old need to be ready to coexist with a grizzly bear population that is also growing. We partner with People and Carnivores to this end. As the small coexistence-minded organization recently expanded north to the Mission and Flathead valleys, we supported their initiative to supply electric fencing to both homeowners and agricultural producers. 

In 2022 we were back with them in their original stomping grounds near Yellowstone. Having long worked in the region, People and Carnivores brought their conflict prevention resources to the key north-south connectivity corridor of the Tobacco Root Mountains. There, we supported the implementation of a new bear-resistant garbage container program for the community of Pony. 

People and Carnivores at a Glance

  • Currently bringing bear-resistant sanitation to key connectivity area near Yellowstone
  • Nonprofit working around Montana to prevent grizzly- and wolf-related conflicts on ranches and in communities
  • Supported Flathead Valley electric fencing program for farms, fruit orchards and other stakeholders
  • Flathead Valley among fastest-growing regions in the nation, making coexistence work especially urgent