Photographer Lance Schelvan


Photographer Lance Schelvan

Lance Schelvan takes his camera for walks in many wonderful places, mostly in the mountains of the West. He looks for quiet scenes often overlooked.

Schelvan spent years canoeing the Far North, where his great love of all natural beauty began. A degree in art from the University of Minnesota helped shape his ability to share what he sees, and he is encouraged by his patient spouse Lois, who shares many journeys with him.

“I am always amazed at what magic I find on every outing, but we are warming our planet, and I see the changes in my viewfinder, he says. “I am deeply troubled by the prospect of losing any of what I have witnessed in the green forests and deep winters, leaving only pictures for my grandchildren, and theirs.”

Check out Schelvan’s website to view excerpts of his wanderings in the West. He hopes you’ll find  bits and pieces reminiscent of time spent in the landscapes of your own journeys—hoping some may bring pleasure to you.