Shoshone National Forest

Expanding Wyoming’s coexistence efforts as grizzlies expand their range in the state.

Young grizzly crossing road
Rocky Mountains
Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Shoshone National Forest PROJECT BRIEF

It’s not just Montana that is working hard to help grizzlies stay safe as their range expands from the sanctuaries of national parks and wilderness areas.

In Wyoming, bears are ranging east and south from Greater Yellowstone. Safe recreation on the national forest buffer lands is essential to keeping grizzlies in the woods and out of the headlines. Bordering Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Reservation, we’ve teamed up with the Shoshone National Forest to improve bear attractant storage at popular campsites and trailheads, all part of expanding the Cowboy State’s coexistence efforts as grizzlies expand onto more of their historic range.

This past year we expanded these efforts into the backcountry, where bear encounters are more likely, by supporting Shoshone National Forest’s innovative program that allows public land users to rent bear-resistant “Ursack” bags. Less cumbersome than bear canisters, the bags give adventure seekers an extra spring in their step without adding any weight to their peace of mind. 

Shoshone National Forest

  • Forest covers key buffer habitat areas east and south of Yellowstone National Park
  • Expanded grizzly presence in area necessitates greater coexistence efforts
  • Partnership will improve bear attractant storage at popular campsites and trailheads
  • Renting backcountry-friendly and bear-resistant food storage bags will keep our public land safe for wildlife and people