Sun River Watershed Group

Equipping community volunteers with bear spray training.

sun river
Yaak River in Broadie Habitat Preserve

Photo by Mitch Doherty

Demonstrating bear spray
sun river Yaak River in Broadie Habitat Preserve Demonstrating bear spray

Sun River Watershed Group PROJECT BRIEF

The Sun River Watershed Group (SRWG) has been organizing since 1994 to care for the waterways and surrounding habitat between Gibson Dam and Great Falls. From protecting native fish and managing weeds to monitoring water quality and more, these environmentally-minded citizens are doing a lot to contribute to the health of their local ecosystems. To keep them safe while out in the field, we equipped volunteers at their cleanups with bear spray and supported trainings for local communities. 

This new partnership is helping spread bear-aware practices to a kindred community of conservationists. With non-lethal tools like bear spray, bears they encounter will be less likely to get into conflicts and remain safe to enjoy the riparian areas SRWG is working hard to preserve.

Sun River Watershed Group at a glance

  • Keeping volunteers safe at river clean ups
  • Preventing conflicts with bears in riparian areas
  • Spreading bear-aware resources
  • Bear spray distributions and trainings