City of Troy, Montana

Keeping bears in the woods and out of the garbage in the heart of the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem.

Photo by Lance Schelvan.
City of Troy, Montana
City of Troy, Montana
Photo by Kevin Rhoades.
Photo by Patti Sowka.
Photo by Gael Bissell.
Photo by Ryan Lutey.
Photo by Kevin Rhoades.

City of Troy, Montana PROJECT BRIEF

Nestled near two Vital Ground properties in the heart of the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem, the 1,000-person city of Troy, Montana knows a lot about bears. And the bruins know about the city, too, with fruit trees, gardens, and accessible garbage creating an unfortunate history of conflict.

That’s why we were excited to partner with Troy, Lincoln County, and Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks on a new effort to consolidate garbage containment to one area in the city, and to install electric fencing that prevents bears from accessing it. Keeping bears in the forest and out of the dump—sounds like a win to us.

Troy, Montana at a Glance

  • Garbage consolidation and fencing project for 1,000-person town in northwest Montana
  • Town lies near Vital Ground's Wild River, Yaak Mountain and Alvord Lake projects
  • Partners include City of Troy, Lincoln County and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  • Reducing garbage attraction will help funnel bears toward Cabinet-Purcell linkage zones