Patagonia Matching December Donations to Vital Ground!

North Idaho's Bismark Meadows in Selkirk Mountains
Bismark Meadows in northern Idaho, a 1,000-acre wetland complex providing key spring grizzly habitat, protected by Vital Ground through a 20-year effort completed in 2022.

UPDATE: As on December 16, Patagonia has reached its $10 million nationwide maximum for matching gifts. You can still donate to Vital Ground and connect with other environmental organizations via the links below, but your gift will no longer be matched. Thank you to all who contributed to this fundraising push!

You Can Protect Wildlife Habitat Today with Double the Impact!

What are you thankful for this time of year? How are you giving back?

At Vital Ground, we’re grateful to work in the northern Rocky Mountains, a wild region where grizzly bears, Canada lynx, moose and wolves still traverse the rugged countryside. And we’re so grateful for the supporters and partners who have made us one of the West’s leaders in landscape conservation.

Patagonia Donation Matching buttonOne of those partners is Patagonia, who helped fund recent habitat restoration at our Wild River Project in northwestern Montana. Now, as the year comes to a close, Patagonia is supporting wildlife conservation in another big way.

Make an online donation today and Patagonia will match your gift to Vital Ground!

This year, your year-end gift to Vital Ground can carry double the conservation impact. Any individual donation up to $10,000 will be matched! All you have to do is make the gift online with a credit card through Vital Ground’s page on Patagonia Action Works. The sooner the better, however, as Patagonia’s nationwide gift-matching program carries a $10 million overall limit.

From Yellowstone up to Canada, your support will turn into habitat conservation where grizzly bears and other animals need it most. Large or small, your gift will advance the One Landscape Initiative, our push to protect 188,000 crucial acres that connect the Northern Rockies’ grizzlies, wolverine, bighorn sheep and other wide-ranging wildlife populations. As Earth’s climate changes and many species struggle to adapt, One Landscape is our strategic effort to save the heart of the resilient, lovely mountain region we call home.

With double the impact, your gift today will go further than ever to help wildlife.

On behalf of grizzlies and all things wild, thank you for your support!

Give Now and Patagonia will Match Your Contribution to Wildlife!

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