Project Category: Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem

Falls Creek project area

Falls Creek

Protecting key grizzly habitat and public access on the edge of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness.

Bull River-Clark Fork confluence area

Bull River Linkage

Protecting a key pathway into Idaho for northwestern Montana’s grizzlies and much more.

Vital Ground's Fowler Creek project

Fowler Creek

Sustaining wildlife movement across the Yaak Valley in Montana’s northwestern corner.

Yaak River in Broadie Habitat Preserve

Broadie Habitat Preserve

Protecting a key habitat link across the Yaak Valley in Montana’s northwestern corner.

Image of Weber Gulch. Light snow on trees.

Weber Gulch

Teaming up with the Forest Service to keep a roadless area roadless high in the southern Cabinet Mountains.

Securing the Wild River will protect linkages and connect two isolated sub-populations of grizzly bears.

Wild River

Stopping subdivision in a key wildlife corridor along the Kootenai River in northwestern Montana.

Alvord Lake was conserved for a local community and for its wildlife values.

Alvord Lake Community Forest

A landmark collaborative effort to protect shoreline habitat and public access in far northwest Montana.

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