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100-Acre Wood

Maintaining an open corridor for grizzlies and other wildlife in northern Idaho.

River Birch Place along Teton River

River Birch

Protecting rich riparian habitat along the Teton River on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front.

Fellows Ranch along Rocky Mountain Front

Teton River

Conserving working lands and key riparian habitat along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front.

Falls Creek project area

Falls Creek

Protecting key grizzly habitat and public access on the edge of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness.

Clark Fork River at Donovan Creek confluence

Donovan Creek

Protecting a key linkage area between mountain ranges and ecosystems just east of Missoula.

Grave Creek project and Whitefish Range

Grave Creek

Keeping a key movement area open for wildlife west of Glacier National Park.

Bull River-Clark Fork confluence area

Bull River Linkage

Protecting a key pathway into Idaho for northwestern Montana’s grizzlies and much more.

Vital Ground's Fowler Creek project

Fowler Creek

Sustaining wildlife movement across the Yaak Valley in Montana’s northwestern corner.

Glacier National Park peaks from North Fork Valley

Glacier Gateway

Maintaining public access and habitat connectivity in the North Fork Valley west of Glacier National Park.

Chief Mountain and Glacier National Park from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Kennedy Creek

Conserving crucial buffer habitat outside Glacier National Park and returning ownership to the Blackfeet Nation.

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