Habitat Project:

100-Acre Wood

Maintaining an open corridor for grizzlies and other wildlife in northern Idaho.

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Known as the “100-Acre Wood” site, Vital Ground recently acquired these 98 acres in far northern Idaho, just south of the Canadian border with major support from the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y). The property features mixed conifer forest, with a seasonal creek running through the acreage, and was noted by several bear biologists and wildlife managers for its connectivity value and high-quality seasonal habitat for grizzlies.

Previously owned by the Owens Foundation for Wildlife, the property will be protected from subdivision in perpetuity and stewarded to maximize its habitat value for the region’s broad diversity of wildlife, including migratory birds and rare, sensitive species like Canada lynx and wolverine. For over 20 years, Vital Ground has protected key pieces of private land in the surrounding Kootenai Valley, helping grizzlies, moose, elk, wolves and much more move between the Selkirk Mountains to the west and the Purcell Mountains to the east. Read more…

100-Acre Wood at a Glance

  • Protects 98-acres of mixed conifer forest and a seasonal creek
  • Providing connectivity for the recovering population of grizzlies in the Selkirk
  • Located near other parcels previously protected by Vital Ground and other conservation groups
  • Preventing development of high-quality spring habitat for bears and other wildlife