Protect Vital Habitat for Wildlife on Giving Tuesday

Grizzly bears on riverbank + Giving Tuesday logo
Giving Tuesday is coming on December 1, 2020! Celebrate it this year by helping protect key habitat and connect the landscape for grizzly bears and other wildlife.

At the end of a long year, help connect the landscape for future generations.

Grizzly bears are heading to their dens and the end of 2020 is in sight. While we won’t all be able to enjoy traditional holiday gatherings this year, one thing that won’t be cancelled is Giving Tuesday.

The annual day of post-Thanksgiving gratitude and generosity falls on December 1—and it’s a great time to pause and give back to some of the things that have sustained you during 2020. It’s a great time to help protect wildlife and wild places.

Giving Tuesday overlaps with Vital Ground’s annual Bart the Bear Memorial Campaign, our year-end push to protect key habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife. This year’s campaign features a generous $40,000 matching challenge and also marks the end of Vital Ground’s 30th Anniversary. Our co-founders, Doug and Lynne Seus, recently took some time to reflect on the importance of giving back this season:

We’re nearing the end of 2020, a year that will leave its tracks on our lives for decades to come. It’s been a year that has gone out of its way to remind us that there are no promises, yet grace and gratitude still abound for the joy of being able to give back.

Wolverine in winter
From grizzly bears to songbirds to the elusive wolverine, you can help protect crucial habitat for countless wildlife species this Giving Tuesday.

Vital Ground didn’t just celebrate the past 30 years in 2020. We also took great strides forward on the next chapter of our journey. Our One Landscape Initiative is a blueprint to protect nearly 200,000 acres in exactly the right places, the crucial wildlife corridors that knit together a connected landscape for all of the Northern Rockies’ wild creatures, from the largest bears to the elusive wolverine to the smallest birds and butterflies.

In this time of great change, these animals deserve the chance to adapt. They need a resilient landscape where they can move safely across protected linkage areas and avoiding bumping into humans. You helped us give grizzlies and other wildlife that chance in 2020, but as the Mountain West experiences a rising wave of people arriving from places less wild, we need your continued support.

In the spirit of giving back during trying times, several Vital Ground trustees have come together to offer a remarkable $40,000 matching challenge for this year’s Bart the Bear Memorial Campaign. Please consider giving whatever you can today knowing that it will be doubled on behalf of wildlife!

Doug and Lynne Seus and Bart the BearWith deepest gratitude,

Doug and Lynne Seus
Vital Ground co-founders

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