Danielle Feidler

Vital Ground Trustee since October 2023

Danielle’s story is one of two countries, Canada where she lives today and the United States where she was raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania. It is also one of countryside and city. Raised on a 100-acre farm in Pennsylvania, Danielle developed a love of the wild, but her profession took her to Toronto, the largest city in Canada.

Her work in the residential development sector for over 20 years, combined with her background in community engagement and marketing, will provide valuable support to Vital Ground’s mission. Danielle also serves on the board of Honour the Work, is the Co-Chair of the Urban Land Institutes Mentorship program and was recently recognized in 2023 as a Women’s Leadership Initiative Champion. In addition to her work as Principal and Founder of Fire Up Culture, Danielle is a wife, mother and passionate nature lover—both on land and at sea—where she dedicates time to ensure nature’s beauty is preserved for today and future generations.