David E. Wesley, Ph.D.

Vital Ground Trustee since October 2007
David E. Wesley

David is a wildlife biologist by training, experience and interest. He has bachelor and masters degrees from Mississippi State University and a Ph.D. from Colorado State University. He spent several years teaching at both the high school and college levels followed by 22 years with Ducks Unlimited where he gained experience in habitat conservation, fundraising and administration. David was the manager of DU’s conservation/habitat programs in the United States when they began opening regional offices in 1984. He retired from DU in 1996 and refocused his attention on elk via the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Since retiring from RMEF, he has done consulting work with the Wildlife Habitat Council where he helped initiate a migratory bird conservation program with emphasis on corporate lands. Since his second retirement, he has been involved with a number of conservation groups with focus on youth conservation. His personal interests, combined with his professional activities, led him to co-edit a book entitled Fireside Waterfowler and to engage in a variety of conservation videos. David and his wife, Mary Dale, live in Missoula, Montana.