Vital Ground, Forest Service Team Up on Threatened and Endangered Species Story Map

Grizzly Story Map Screen Shot
Vital Ground and the U.S. Forest Service's Forest Legacy Program collaborated on a new sensitive species Story Map project now available to the public.


What stories light your conservation fire? Is it the tale of one animal, like the footloose Grizzly 839 who crossed highways and home sites while wandering through western Montana? Or is it the story told by data, by the dots on a map that tell the fate of a species or the progress made in saving it?

However you find inspiration, those stories are just a click away. Over the past two years, Vital Ground staff have partnered with the U.S. Forest Service’s Forest Legacy Program on a groundbreaking Story Map project. The result, now available online to the public, is an interactive six-part profile of threatened and endangered species and how forest conservation projects—like those that Forest Legacy and Vital Ground take on—benefit those species.

From the habitat connections grizzlies like 839 need to thrive to climate change impacts on Canada lynx and bull trout, we use maps, photos and text to show habitat conservation saving wild communities. It saves human communities, too, with Forest Legacy not just sustaining working forests but also protecting drinking water, clean air and outdoor recreation economies. For an example, look no further than Alvord Lake, where in 2015 a branch of Forest Legacy—the Community Forest Program—joined contributors like you to help Vital Ground protect a public resource and rich habitat area in the northwestern corner of Montana.

We know that good stories sustain your passion for protecting habitat, and we hope you’ll check out these ones!

Click here to continue to the new Story Map!

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