Vital Ground Projects Featured in Bare Essentials Magazine

August, 13 2013  |  by kevin Back »

Magnificent in its own right, the grizzly bear is nature’s barometer of a healthy and complete environment. Because a grizzly ranges over hundreds of miles, from alpine meadows to valley bottoms, grizzlies are considered a “keystone” species. The foraging behavior of a keystone species creates a top-down effect on other animals lower in the food chain, such as deer, elk, rabbits, fish, insects or plants. If the grizzly population is healthy and strong, so are these other populations from large mammals to native fish. Conversely, a faltering, fragmented grizzly population spells certain hardship for other wildlife, many species of which are positively affected by and dependent on the bear’s activity. Protecting bears and their habitat benefit entire plant and animal communities in some of the wildest, most scenic places on earth.

This is the cornerstone of Vital Ground’s work.

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