Vital Ground returns to the Las Vegas Money Show

Learn why this bear is smiling when you visit the Vital Ground Booth #114 May 16-18 at the Las Vegas Money Show…

Start smiling yourself when you decide to protect  grizzly bear futures with the Vital Ground Foundation …

… and meet Sally Smyth & Tom DeMarco of Vital Ground’s Grizzly Council, your fellow investors now working on their choice of legacy:  The Vital Ground Foundation.

Take a chance on winning the 12-year biography of Grizzly 399, the heroine grizzly on Vital Ground’s banner at the booth and the cover photo of Tom Mangelsen and Todd Wilkinson’s book:

Put some chips on Vital Ground to help these national treasures make their come-back in the most do-able conservation effort of 2017:  linking the isolated parts of the U.S. Serengeti for all species by connecting grizzly bears.

Money Show supporters of Vital Ground will take back some fun membership premiums along with the satisfaction that comes from “if you’re giving when you’re living, you’re knowing where it’s going” – our Money Show tie-in quote from Jack Bogle, investment guru.

Admission to the Money Show is free, just show up and follow the signs at Caesar’s Palace to register—find us in Booth 114 at the Exhibit hall, from 12:15 on Tuesday May 16th to noon on Thursday May 18th.   A continuous selection of video ‘bear clips’ and famous grizzly bear supporters will be showing as you browse!