Volunteers Extraordinaire

June, 7 2017  |  by kevin Back »

Smyth, DeMarco Showcase Vital Ground at Las Vegas Money Show

Two years running … Vital Ground board member Sally Smyth and consultant Tom DeMarco have showcased The Vital Ground Foundation at the Las Vegas Money Show. Last year they added the Orlando Money Show to their Vital Ground exhibit list as well.

These extraordinary volunteers have shared with Money Show attendees why it’s important to have large, iconic species like grizzly bears on the landscape, explained why it’s important to save “the right places” for grizzlies, given away prizes and premiums, and have signed up scores of new members.

Besides Sally’s tenure on Vital Ground’s board and Tom’s two years’ assistance with Vital Ground’s Google AdWords program — the duo are also members of Vital Ground’s Grizzly Council, dedicated folks who share a deep commitment to grizzly bear recovery and make a profound impact conserving private lands so grizzlies and other wildlife have room to roam.

Sally and Tom exemplify how important volunteers are to our organization, and for that we are deeply thankful for this duo extraordinaire!

Vital Ground board member Sally Smyth and consultant Tom DeMarco set up the Vital Ground booth on Monday, May 15, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, with help from roving trash collectors who directed them to the strongest cardboard for piecing together the display ‘rack’ and corner tables. Thank you again, Tom Mangelsen for the great banner photo!

Tom DeMarco put together the continuously circulating video clips and contributed his technical expertise preparing display materials, not to mention that he agreed to drive the 3,200 miles from their home in Maine to Las Vegas–with cats–to connect grizzly bears.

Barbara Harris-West (right) from Vital Ground’s Grizzly Council and Vital Ground Trustee Sally Smyth (left) put in a full-day’s work on Wednesday, May 17, at the Money Show in Las Vegas. The pair along with Tom DeMarco, helped to introduce Money Show attendees to grizzly bear futures.