We’re moving! Vital Ground relocates to new office

Vital Ground's former Heritage Hall office
Vital Ground moves out of our Heritage Hall office this June and into a larger nearby space at Fort Missoula. Our new address is: 30 Fort Missoula Rd., Missoula, MT 59804.

Come see us in our new, larger home!

When Vital Ground moved its headquarters from Utah to Montana in 2005, things were a bit different. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was the year’s top movie, the first iPhone was still two years away from existing, and the possibility of a single connected grizzly bear population in the Northern Rockies was a distant pipedream for conservation biologists and wildlife managers. With a four-person staff, Vital Ground was a newly-accredited land trust after 15 years spent primarily supporting other organization’s conservation work.

Vital Ground 2005 move
Former Executive Director Gary Wolfe and current Executive Director (then-Director of Lands) Ryan Lutey move Vital Ground into Heritage Hall in 2005.

Eighteen years after that move, grizzlies are reclaiming historic range in southwestern Montana, central Idaho and western Wyoming. The conversation has turned from not “if” but “when” some of the Lower 48’s populations will re-connect. And Vital Ground has carved out a crucial role in the grizzly’s recovery journey, completing more than 50 conservation easements and land purchases while continuing to partner broadly with other conservation outfits.

Along the way, our staff has doubled in size and finally outgrown our beloved office in the Heritage Hall building at 20 Fort Missoula Road. We won’t be moving far, however! Thanks to our friends and property managers at the Northern Rockies Heritage Center, we’ll be staying in the Fort Missoula complex and relocating into a larger office space with a building all to ourselves.

In practical terms, the change will be even smaller for supporters like you. It’s a change of just one digit, in fact: Vital Ground’s new mailing address as of June 1 is 30 Fort Missoula Rd., Missoula, MT 59804.

We’ve loved our space in Heritage Hall and the many visits we’ve enjoyed from supporters like you, whether you live in the area or made a point of stopping by from afar. Once the dust settles from our move and our favorite wildlife art is hung back up on new walls, we hope you’ll pop in and say hello in our new home!

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